DALAWANG PISO: Pinoy Two Cents

I just revived my oldest blog fpjjr.blogspot.com to give way to a Filipino blog section and also to revive the former glory of the blog that started it all. DALAWANG PISO, is my Pinoy two cents on every topic that can be discussed with. Basically to address different issues but also to be the new Blah Blah Blogs which was originally written in Filipino. Now that BBB is in a new level for international readers, I made use of the original blog to make it useful and also mark the start of another new chapter in this Manual to Lyf. 

Here is the link for the new post I made there and I hope you would enjoy it. And for those who does not speak Filipino, there is always google translate plus ask Pinoy friends if available.... you know just to be sure...

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