Kudos and Thank You To The Podium Security!

Just wanted to take this moment to thank the Podium Security for helping me return my camera.

Yesterday, I though I lost my one and only camera. I thought it was lost forever, with the possibilities on how it was lost made me so paranoid inside.  My camera, a Sony Cybershot W110 which I won in a raffle, is already 3 years old, and even if its value may have depreciated its sentimental value is priceless. 

I tried to trace what was the last thing I did with the camera. I realized that I was surfing the net and made shot a photo of the details in the screen. After that we went on our way to Makati for an event. On the way, I was checking my camera if its in the bag, which I usually do. But even I searched inside out the camera is not there. That is when I started to panic, but I also tried to do some flashback. I was able to attend and enjoy the event though in the back of my mind I was thinking of the lost camera. I remembered that there were a lot of picture of the events I attended this week that I haven't uploaded, which would really delay my blog posts and sucks big time. 

Then realizing the last time I used it (sitting in Podium), I will go back tomorrow if I left it there. On the next day, returning back to podium, I asked the concierge about the incident. And that moment was like a gamble with a yes or no probability. And when she said I should go to the security office, my heart felt some relief though not yet sure if it is mine. In the Security office,   it confirmed my  theory of losing my camera. After signing and a photo to show that it was return, I was very happy and also affirmed that in the cruel city, there are good people who are true to their service. I know it was a little careless of me, but I do thank and commend the Podium security for helping me with this. Next time I think I need to put a leash on my camera. 

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