I got the chance to meet one my favorite artist in the music industry in terms of rapping. He is considered a protege with his skills in composing and rapping which some (and I) also consider the faster rapper in the country. With popular songs like Walang Natira, Upuan, Elmer, Lando, Simpleng Tao, and many songs collaborated with the celebrated musicians in the industry.  He is a legend in the making, GLOC 9!
His success was not overnight, he went through a lot to get to where he is right now. As a starting rapper in the late 90's, he met and worked with artist like Francis Magalona (who is also a legend for his Rapping artistry). He said that unlike the other kids, he wanted to be rapper when we grew up. An unlikely choice that led him to go ahead with his passion which he is now reaping today.

Aristottle Pollisco in Real Life is now a father of twins and also finished with his nursing course and preparing for board exams as a promise to complete his education during his career. Now on his fourth album TALUMPATI under Sony Music Philippines, he still shares what seem to be eyeopeners of the Pinoy society and all of its injustices.

With his new album he also is working with his band Pointblanc and also featured in the collaboration of Hale's Champ Lui Po and Noel Cabangon for Sari Saring Kwento. Full details on the video on the next MUSIC LYF.

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