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Manual To Vote: JV Ejercito Vows To Continue Projects For Health And Transportation

After a close placing of JV Ejercito for the Senatorial race in 2019, he is back with more optimism to return as a senator for the 2022 National elections. After the last elections, he became more active in biking and traveling which also led to making his own content for YouTube and other platforms. He is also seen trying out different delicacies in the places that he visit which also promoted them online.

He said that he did contemplate  if he should run again and hew saw that there is a need to elevate the healthcare system which is greatly challenged during the pandemic. As the proponent of the Universal Healthcare Act, he sees that there should be improvements with the facilities, benefits for healthcare workers, and the system itself that will benefit all Filipinos.

LOREN: The Lady Who Leads

From a multi-awarded broadcast journalist to a top-notch senator, and beyond. For the past three decades, Loren has dedicated her life to serving the Filipino people. In 1998, Loren became the youngest senator in the Philippines. She is also the only female to top the Senate race twice and the only female to become Senate Majority Leader.

Because of her advocacies on climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and management, sustainability, and climate justice, the Philippines has been recognized for her pioneered laws on the environment.

Loren is also a women’s & children’s rights advocate, consistent with her efforts to promote the welfare of women and the protection of the Filipino youth.

She is a true Filipina at heart, passionately advocating for the protection of the rights of indigenous peoples and promoting arts and culture in the local and international arena.

Enrile Is Happy When You're Happy

It’s surprising that Juan Ponce Enrile wants to run for Senator despite his age of 95. Usually many would retire at age 60 but JPE has gone beyond that and is now the oldest living senator of the country. 

But why he does not want to retire?

Sara Duterte Wears Shirt In Support For JV Ejercito

The Philippine midterm elections is getting closer everyday and the candidates are now taking the game seriously with gathering the support they can get. Currently the Hugpong ng Pagbabago Party (HNP) led by Sara Duterte is actively participating in campaign rallies that goes around the country. One particular campagin stop was the vote rich province of Cebu.

The province has been pivotal in many elections as it can bring up millions of votes from the Visayan capital. Despite having a little struggle with coughing on stage, Sara Duterte continues on her speech to introduce the candidates.

Mayor Guia Gomez Goes All Out In Support of Sen. JV's Reelection

Mayor Guia Gomez maybe ending her term as mayor, but there is a job she keeps in her lifetime, to be a mother to Senator JV Ejercito. As her only son she is in full support of him in every step of the way, which is why she joined politics to continue his son's plan for the city which was JV's legacy.

Going back their younger days, they had a decent life despite the complicated set up linked to Joseph Estrada and his families. Despite this, Guia shares that she was behind Erap when he protested his Mayoral bid in 1967 wherein they appealed up to the Supreme Court and eventually won. With this victory, Guia was recognized as the first lady of San Juan. 

Sen. JV Ejercito Is More Than Mr. Healthcare

They say that a Senator's pride is in the laws he has authored, and for reelection candidate JV Ejercito it is the universal health care (UHC) law or Republic Act No 11223 is what he banners as its principal author. With this law, it aims to provide quality healthcare for all Filipinos with structure and system that will benefit everyone especially those below the poverty line.

But this is not only the bill the JV has done in the senate. He has also authored bills that reformed local housing, economic affairs, and educational system.  Currently he is the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Economic Affairs and the Committee on Urban Planning, Housing and Resettlement and Committee On Health And Demography.

Senatoriable Angelo De Alban Steps Forward

There are new aspirants for the seats in the Senate this coming 2019 midterm elections, and lawyer and educator Angelo De Alban comes forward to take that chance to push reforms and make necessary action that favors the simple folk like him.

His name is not the usual name we usually hear in politics, at age 37, he is one of the youngest senatorial nominee that filed their certificate of candidacy. But there are some people who considers him as a nuisance candidate on the grounds that "he is just a lawyer and teacher." He quickly answered these allegations with a formal response to COMELEC (Commission of Elections), to show his capacity to run answering all points of the argument to show proof of his capacity as a candidate.

BLAH BLAH BLOGS: To Love & Hate Miriam

It has been a long time since I had my personal commentary again on politics, and the reason I came back here is to talk about the colorful life of the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago who just passed today. It was a sad day for Filipinos who had seen the spectrum of emotions and life events of the extraordinary senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.

Not so long ago, we still saw her as she went on the last biggest fight she had as one of the five presidentiables along side Binay, Poe, Duterte and Roxas. Despite having a lot of love and support Miriam lost, which added to her bid of the presidency which she ran in 1992, 1998, and this year. She was the underdog, no huge campaign money, machinery, and the likes. However, she did have a lot of volunteers and fans. These were the people who tirelessly campaigned for her in many ways and most of them in social media. She was a social media star not only of her political views and stands but also grounded with the wit and charisma of engaging the youth and young professionals.

#KnowTheCandidate: Gringo Honasan

We all know him as one of the current Senators of the Republic, he is also known to be in the military which made a move that triggered the EDSA people power revolution, he was also remembered as the rebel who made actions  because of the injustices he had seen with the oppressed. But beyond that, what do we know about Gringo Honasan that makes him an interesting bet for the Vice Presidential race?

Merienda With Senatoriable Sonny Angara

Though I met a lot of celebrities and personalities, I do want to meet politicians, and future leaders of the country. As shapers of the future of the nation, I as a citizen would like to meet and ask them questions that has been in my mind, which could affirm my loyalty or change my support. 

In the past years, I have been able to meet some of them but would have so little time to ask them questions, since I was not yet a blogger back then. But now I was able to meet and know them more personally. Recently I met Senatoriable Sonny Angara, who is the son of Senator Edgardo Angara, and also a congressman in  Aurora Province. 

My family was associated with the Angaras back in 1998 elections, when Sen. Edgardo "Edong" Angara ran for Vice President, we did campaigning and postering in Laguna. My mother knows his Senatorial staff and at some point helped us when my father needed medical assistance. And last year, I met Sen. Angara at the Senate together with other bloggers. I notice that they both share the same passion as lawyers and the legistlature and working low-profile.

Blah Blah Blog RAINY DAYS: GRINGO HONASAN in the House!

Today, I have only encountered two senators that I had time to chat and dine at the same time. First was the late Raul Roco at his Farm in Antipolo after the campaign in 2004. Now I came across another political legend and probably one of the most controversial, Senator Gingo Honasan. Known to be a fierce and brave soldier who was a key person behind the 1986 People power revolution, and also had infamous moments when he joined the coup 'd etat in the next 5 years. He has now grew into the most respectable senators of land. Now as we were in his presence, its time to get to know more about the man himself and what wisdom and skills he can share to us. 

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