Enrile Is Happy When You're Happy

It’s surprising that Juan Ponce Enrile wants to run for Senator despite his age of 95. Usually many would retire at age 60 but JPE has gone beyond that and is now the oldest living senator of the country. 

But why he does not want to retire?

At his age, he has been part of the Philippines’ pivotal moments in history. The Second World War, Marcos’s Administratration, EDSA Revolution, and the succeeding administrations. Yet it seems that he finds that being part of the government is his true calling.

From being part of the military, to Corazon Aquino’s Cabinet, and elected as Senator house since 1987, Manong Johnny has immersed himself to politics. And he has survived them all, even outliving them.

When he stepped down as Senate President in 2016, we thought that he will embrace retirement. But he surprised everybody when he personally filled his Certificate of Candidacy. Now on the last stretch of the campaign, he wants to see if he will be given a chance by the voters.

Though the main concern about him is his age, he can still talk and deliberate topics of great importance such as Chinese New projects and policies, the current situation of the country etc. He shares that he keeps his mind busy with reading and playing some games to avoid being idle. 

He finds contentment with tackling issues that the Senate can provide which is senate probing, committee  meetings, and law making. Thus his motto of “Gusto Ko Happy Ka” is his way of his public service with what he does best.

He shares that he is depending the situation, we wants it to be planned carefully. Being spontaneous are stilled calculated in his head to make sure that the outcome will still be in his favor. I think this is his secret in outliving his enemies, he played the game very well and kept himself always informed to adapt.

Since politics can be seen as a “Game of Thrones” in real life, Manong Johnny is still in the game and with his every move, he had everything planned despite his age and limitations. It made me think that there is indeed a lot to go in life, and Manong Johnny is still running to achieve it and prove his worth.

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