Let's Take A Tour San Juan City With Mayor Guia

Last time we had our lunch with Mayor Guia Gomez, she wanted to take us on a tour of the city of San Juan where she will proudly show how the city has grown. Yesterday we were able to take a tour of the city the Estradas and Ejercitos built along with its rich history especially its role in the Philippine Revolution.

San Juan City maybe the smallest city in Metro Manila but it holds important places in Philippine history which has shaped the course of country in many ways. Known as the small town of San Juan Del Monte, the rolling hills of this town provided a strategic point and geographical center of national capital region.

The tour starts with the Mayor's office located at the new City Hall which was inaugurated during Mayor Guia's term. Though plans were laid out in JV Ejercito's term. The new city hall is probably the most aesthetic town center in the Metro.It hosts a very modern architecture and modern facilities that makes government functions efficient and comfortable,

Located at Pinaglabanan Park which is also called El Deposito, the complex is now undergoing renovation as it also houses two new museums - The Museo Ng Katipunan and Museo El Deposito.

Dedicated to the memory of the Philippine Revolution, the Museo ng Katipunan also opened just in time for the 150th birth anniversary of Andres Bonifacio. It houses documents, arms, and many other relics from the war fought by the katipuneros. Museo El Deposito just newly opened this year and features the rich history of waterworks in the Philippines particularly how the museum actually stands above the old reservoir.

After revisiting history, we were toured around the city with some stops on the major projects that were made by current and previous administrations. Like the housing project Mayor Guia has put up, JV Ejercito helped set up PUP-San Juan which is the public tertiary school of the city. The Fil-Oil Arena which was built at the time of Jinggoy Estrada, and the legacy of Erap in many of places in San Juan like the San Juan Medical Center.

Next one was the Sanctuario De Santo Cristo which was oldest church in the city and was administered by the Dominicans. From a small church which was also a refuge for the Katipuneros in the battle of Pinaglabanan, it now has a “relic” Crucifix which draws devotees to its doors. It has become a place of history and religion for the city.

The last stop was the Greenhills Shopping Center which has evolved throughout the years. One of the most iconic spot in the city. Is now going upgrades with new buildings and features. It's  also a perfect place for food trips, jewelry shopping, and affordable electronics and services.

Even though the city is small,  it's progress is obvious and proof of how the city was governed. The biggest change in the city was at the time of JV Ejercito which also pushed for the cityhood of the city and made progressive projects for the former town. Now that the city looks forward with modernization, it also proudly keeps the historical and cultural riches that keeps it rooted and united making it more of a big community.

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