Aiai Delas Alas Gives Up As Ex Batallion's Manager

It has been a year and two months since Aiai Delas Alas has taken on the role of manager of the rap group Ex Batallion. However their supposed "family" has taken a downward spiral as individual and group problems manifested and has caused a lot of stress with Aiai, their road managers, and other performers as well.

Though at first it is seen as a fun relationship with Aiai and the boys as they were given a lot of projects such as concert performances, TV guesting, and even a movie. Aiai vents out her frustrations with the boys particularly being very unprofessional. With a lot of instances of missing out their performances in shows for various reasons.

This is just one of the many reasons Aiai is very stressed out and even cried out of frustration with the horrible experience of managing. It was supposed to be her first time managing a group of talents which she diligently helped them in getting gigs and other opportunities in many platforms. 

Ex Battalion is composed of Bosx1ne, Flow-G, Skusta Clee, Brando, Emcee Rhenn, King Badger, Jon Gutierrez, KentMNL, Bullet-D, Mckoy Jekkpot, Cent, Hudass, and Jnske.  They rose to fame with their hit song "Hayaan Mo Sila" which pushed them into mainstream radar and eventually asked Aiai to be their manager which she obliged. 

This announcement of her resignation also came after her latest movie S.O.N.S. (Sons Of Nanay Sabel), which also features the band playing as the lead characters along with Aiai as their mother Sabel. She shares that the premiere night was delayed because some of the member came in late. Aiai was  very emotional during her interview and said she would not manage anyone for now. 

Another incident they had was when they had a gig in the north, some of the members missed on their flight, some quarreled and  did not appear on the actual day of performance. Aiai also shares that it came to a point that she cussed out of anger because their actions even affected other performers. Mark  or also known as Bosx1ne recently left the group which caused booking problems because he was one of the frontline acts of Ex-B. The latest incident happened when they failed to appear at Bong Go's rally last Saturday, which they promised to perform.

Now free from the stress of managing the rap group, Aiai wants to focus on her own career and endorsements which made her feel blessed and loved. Together with her husband and kids, she finally vents out the heaviness and stress and hopes that she may conceive a child in the future.  

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