LGBTQ Community Finds Ally With ACTS-OFW

Despite the modern age of progress and acceptance, there is still a long way to go in terms of the rights of the LGBTQ people and communities.  The Anti-Discrimination Bill SOGIE (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression) Equality Bill is still waiting to be passed by congress. There is a need for it to be passed quickly due to the limited number of days needed to complete the process.

With legislation a very important part of building laws and legislative intervention for the progress of the Filipino society. The role of both houses is to pass these laws but without support from individual congressmen and senators, these key bills would not be passed and implemented.

Recently in a community gathering, the partylist ACTS-OFW (Alliance for Community Transformation and Service for Overseas Filipino Workers) which was founded back in 2010, came forward this year to show their support for the different gay communities in the country. The partylist is known to take care of overseas Filipino workers, they have also helped a lot with cases of abuses, and maltreatment. Let by Congressman Aniceto "John"Beritz III and Vice President for International Affair Rhodora "Doray" Morales.

ACTS-OFW Party List lobbied for the ten-year validity of our passport and the creation of 1,000 slots daily for OFW applicants. They also worked for the exemption of OFWs from the P550 airport terminal fee, which helped them bring more for their families. They offered their commitment to pass the SOGIE Bill in which the said bill will protect the rights of lesbians gays, bisexuals, and transgenders in the workplace and in the schools, as well as the right to set up a business or practice a profession. It will also give them the equal rights that are the birth right of each and every Filipino.

Coming to the party were various of gay communities like Ang Ladlad Partylist, Golden Gays of Pasay, and United Beki of the Philippines, and many others has joined the gathering and personally witness as ACTS-OFW announce their commitment and partnership with the community.

"We have Overseas Filipino workers who are also members of the LGBT community. We have seen how hard they work so they could provide for their families back home. The LGBTs are the bread winners and the backbone of their families. They have sent their brothers and sisters to school, and have taken care of their parents' medical needs. Therefore, we should give them the protection that is enshrined in the Bill of Rights of our Philippine Constitution.

Ladlad Chairman Professor Danton Remoto lauded this commitment from a party list whose focus is to have the best ethical practices in the overseas recruitment industry. "I am also an Overseas Filipino Worker teaching at a British university in Malaysia.  

I welcome the consultation done by ACTS-OFW Party List with us regarding LGBTQ rights. Fighting for the rights of our LGBTQ will always be a prime advocacy of Ladlad Party List." Professor Danton Remoto is running for Councilor of District 3, in Quezon City.

With the alliance of the LGBT community and ACTS-OFW, they promise to be partners by supporting the partylist win seats in congress and in return show support for the bill as an assured vote for its ratification. Pushing for a more progressive roles in society, the partnership brings together the OFWs and the LGBTQA+ both as asset for the country, productive and cheerful as the Filipino spirit.

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