Anti-Catfish Law And Free Public Wifi Pushed By FICTAP Partylist

First nominee, Estrellita “Neng” Juliano-Tamano
Who does not want free wifi? But in the first place it is very rare to have that in public spaces like parks, libraries, schools and public offices. There is also the issue of poor internet speeds that affects productivity and quality.

These are some of the concerns that FICTAP partylist (Federation of International Cable TV and Telecommunications Association of the Philippineswants to author if given a seat in congress. The partylist was formed by cable TV operators of the Philippines who actively lobbied for policies for cable regulation which took them years since they depend on supporter legislators. They hope to push for laws related to telecomunication, internet, and cellular consumer rights at a faster pace if elected. With a wide network of operators from urban and rural areas, they saw the opportunity to present laws that will lead to their vision of “Bawat Pilipino, konektado” (Every Filipino is connected).

Interestingly, they will propose laws that taps the potential of the internet for the Filipino economy, social services, consumer protection, and even "catfishing." Here are some of the law that they wanted to push forward:

Improved Free Public WiFi Act
This law aims to provide free public wifi in public spaces that will help people get connected especially in rural areas which can be utilized for information dissemination, communication and entertainment.

Cellphone Users Act
This aim to protect consumers from illegal mobile practices still done by the two telcos. Incidents such as load theft, false advertising etc. 

Custom SIM Card Art
A customized sim for sectors like senior citizens, students, and PWD that will provide access to discounts, services, and priority depending on their type.

Online Sellers, Buyers and Freelancers Act
A law that will set the standards for the protection and regulation of Online Sellers, Buyers and Freelancers. Since there is no specific law that governs this new industry, this will be very useful for the growth of online businesses and work from home work.

Anti-Catfish Law 
A law that will penalize criminals that uses fraud online profiles to victimize and can lead to other crimes like rape, extortion, and robbery. 

Their nominees come from different provinces in the Philippines led by their National Chair Estrellita “Neng” Juliano-Tamano. Their other nominees are Cecilia La Madrid Dy from Isabela, Ruben M. Cortez of Ilocos, Jose G. Delmendo of Pangasinan, and Rolando R. Olog of Samar.

As a sector of cable providers who also has internet services, they wanted to end the duopoly that hinders the competitive pricing of bandwidth for internet connection. Their services and network is more connected to communities that provides quality and quick services.

As a sector that invests in information technology, their impact can also ripple to other industries and job opportunities like jobs creation, infrastructure boom, quick emergency response and communication, better social services, and growing productivity through alternative education. More than the "Free Wifi"and "Anti-Catfish" laws, they seem to know what we need in the future by planting them as seeds of today.

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