#SundinAngPuso: Pepsi celebrates all kinds of passions at #PepsiPusoFest

Pepsi recently brought everyone together for #PepsiPusoFest, a fun-filled day of singing, dancing, styling and games for those who live and celebrate their passions. Held at Market! Market!, the #PepsiPusoFest became an avenue for everyone to express themselves freely for the love of different passion points through interactive and fun activities. 

Up and coming artists such as Renee Dominique and Dominique Casacop took the stage to show off their vocal stylings while A-Team and Upeepz pumped up the jam with their dance routines. A showcase of out of the box skills was also exhibited throughout the program with basketball tricks by Hype Streetball, pen-tapping by Dineson Caneda, beatboxing by Neil Rey Llanes, freestyle yoyo tricks by champion Miggy Hizon and comedy by Comedy Manila. The guests were also treated to fun games which got them to play with pro volleyball and basketball stars!

The main show included musical performances by Unique and Kiana Valenciano, viral star Mimiyuuh featuring Allmost, along with a dance numbers from AC Bonifacio and America’s Got Talent finalist, Junior New System. Nico Bolzico and Pam Swing were also present to join in on the fun together with their fans! Daniel Padilla also made a very special appearance to serenade his fans and give them treasured possessions that have always been close to his heart. He also reminded everyone to go all out and embrace their passions like never before, together with Pepsi. 

Aside from topnotch performances, different activities were also in store for the guests to showcase their talents and get lots of fun prizes. For the Love of Stories, guests were able to take the spotlight to shoot their own rendition of Pepsi’s new jingle entitled Sundin ang Puso in collaboration with global pop group NowUnited. Always wondered what you’d look like with a different hair color? The Love of Style booth gave guests a chance to temporarily transform their hair to a shade they love from the style menu. The Love of Dance gave guests the opportunity to dance to the beat of the Sundin Ang Puso jingle. Lastly, guests were able to dabble into singing and record their performance with their friends in the Love of Singing booth.

“Pepsi’s #SundinAngPuso campaign is all about encouraging Filipinos to pursue the things they have always wanted to do and to be confident in expressing themselves”, says Gutzee Segura, Pepsi Philippines Marketing Manager.  “Through the #PepsiPusoFest, we wanted to give Filipinos an avenue to showcase their different passions and embrace whatever they do for the love of it.”

With all these passion-filled activities, #PepsiPusoFest left everyone’s hearts inspired to take on anything and everything, all for the love of it!

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