Quench Your Geek Thrist With Summer Toy Fest At Estancia

With the recent superhero films like Shazam! and Avengers Endgame out now and more in line for the coming months, the need for collectors to get their hands on merchandise, toys and action figures is a need for them. Summer is also a great time with kids who are now on a summer break which means more time for bonding and play time. However with some toy conventions not yet in season, it seems like drought for geeks (like me) to get their hands on toys and collectibles.

Speaking of heat, we find ourselves going to the malls more recently as refuge from the dry spell we are having. Luckily a group od toy collectors and sellers joined together to bring the joys of having a mini toy convention in the cool and comfortable confines of Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons.

The Summer Toy Fest comes a surprise for many who wanted an escape from the chaotic heat and find enjoyment in different interests like Die-cast, Bricks, Mini 4WD, Dart Foam, Superheroes, Robots and many Pop Culture merchandise. Located at the Bridgeway of Estancia Mall is a perfect location which is large enough for rows of sellers of various kinds of collections, vintage toys, homemade crafts, bulk toys, and many more which is indeed a paradise for kids and kids at heart.

I found a lot of interesting collections that I considered buying like Pokemon, One Piece and Transformers. They also have a lot of die cast toys like Hot Wheels which some sell at very enticing prices. I got some  bead art key chains of game characters like Mario, Pokemon, and dig dug. 

The event was a one-day affair which ran from 12NN until 9PM. They set up games and raffle for everyone plus a special cosplay appearance of Thanos and Iron Man. Going around the stalls is really fun with each having their own specialty of comics, anime, and other pop culture stuff. 

Summer Toy Fest is brought to us in partnership with Poke/Poke, Dalubhasa Barbershop, Pinoy Bricksters, Brick Traders Club, GH MiniCon, and DCPH - Diecast Car Collectors of the Phils.  

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