More Reasons to Tune in for UFC Fights on FOX+

UFC Fight Nights are always events to look forward to. This Sunday, it’s Rafael dos Anjos against Kevin Lee for the Welterweight class. Do you need any more reasons to watch? We’ve got some more!

Just in case you still don’t know yet, UFC is more than just guys beating each other up in a cage. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to build up the skills needed to get into the cage in the first place. Give these fighters the credit to put in the hard work, training, and discipline for their sport. 

Beyond the skills, it’s the tenacity and stamina that is displayed in the cage. It takes a lot of beating and grappling to finally get the opponent to submit.

It’s a sport that can give you lots of feels. Sure, passion and enthusiasm, and of course competition run high on UFC fight nights, but there are also that pain of loss when the other fighter is defeated and that high elation of triumph of the victor. 

Because different fighters bring different forms of martial arts, and even in the ways they combine them in a fight, UFC matches will never be boring. There are so many different ways a fighter can get their opponent to submit and each of those methods can be really exciting. 

The players themselves are interesting. Get to know them better, listen to how they trash talk their opponents. Being invested in a particular fighter may lead to a life obsession, but at least these guys in the UFC are well-equipped to train themselves. 

You can also catch UFC fights anywhere with FOX+ on your mobile devices. Just download the FOX+ app from the App store or Google Play Store. New subscribers get a 30-day free trial. 

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