Get Ready For Ex Batallion Now RRJ Endorsers!

Sensational rap group Ex Batallion comes out with big news recently. Fresh from their  success with the single "Hayaan Mo Sila" which has earned millions of views on YouTube. Now they are reaping new opportunities with their new manager Aiai delas Alas. 

Yes, Aiai who is also active in showbiz and juggling her role as a businesswoman, endorser, mother and now manager to the group which will be releasing new music very soon. They recently sealed a deal with RRJ apparel, a youth clothing brand which is perfect for their lifestyle.

Ex-Batallion is composed of Rap, Hayaan Mo Sila, Bosx1ne, Flow-G, Skusta Clee, Brando, Emcee Rhenn, King Badger, Jon Gutierrez, KentMNL, Bullet-D, Mckoy Jekkpot, Cent, Hudass, and Jnske. We look forward for more endorsements and news about Ex-Batallion soon.


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