Filipinos Find the Warmth of Family in the Snow-Covered Rocky Mountains in this BA Original Documentary

“These are difficult times in America right now. The country seems divided on certain issues, hate crimes are so common, but it was refreshing to see how people here are so open and willing to help someone in need.” This is what BA Correspondent Steve Angeles noticed when he spent several days in Bozeman, Montana while filming “Lost & Found.”

“Lost & Found” is the latest BA Original Documentary and it presents the stories of children who were orphaned in their home country, and who have found welcoming homes and their new forever families in a snow-covered community in the Rocky Mountains of Montana.

BA Executive Producer Troy Espera says this is a “story that resonates with that universal search for home, stability and family – all things that those who are far from home can relate to.”

Angeles adds that “Each family’s story shows acceptance and unconditional love regardless of culture. These families are just everyday people who’ve opened up their lives and homes to strangers.”

Multi-awarded Cameraman Jeremiah Ysip, who filmed with Angeles in Bozeman shares that his lens captured children who, while removed from their countries of origin, still have kept a big chunk of their culture in their hearts. Ysip observes that “even while they have learned to assimilate to their new surroundings, they are still Filipinos at heart and this is what they are also able to impart with their new families.” Both the former orphans and their adoptive families gain from the new family environment as it mutually expands their horizons to new cultures and experiences.

"Lost & Found," aired today Sunday, March 11, 2018, at 8:00 P.M. (Pacific time) on TFC, with a replay this Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 4:25 P.M.

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