Lifestyle Network Celebrates International Women’s Day And Women’s History Month With “We Mean It” Campaign

Lifestyle Network, a multi-platform living and travel guide that understands the lifestyle needs of modern Filipinos and Filipinas around the globe, salutes the strength and power of women everywhere this March, observing International Women’s Day last March 8 and celebrating Women’s History Month with its “We Mean It” campaign.

“The world is drowning in hashtags and slogans that they almost cheapen or devalue valid messages that people want the world to know.  For Lifestyle Network’s campaign this year to honor women, we are just asking people to listen to their voices, to the female sounds of truth and integrity, simply because women mean what they say,” explains ABS-CBN Global's Female Specialty Channels Unit Head Aileen Paredes. Editor-in-Chief Shin Kitane wrote this statement to usher in the month:

We Are Women
We are women.
We mean what we say, and we say what we mean.

In today's world filled with fake news and half-meant statements, we thought it would be best to focus our intentions back to the heart of meaning. A lot of women's struggles around the world are tied to the fact that women's voices are often discredited, mocked, and even silenced. How many times has blame been assigned to countless women who encountered harassment? How many times have women been side-eyed and dismissed as war-freaks, naggers, or angry feminists in the face of speaking up about an issue?

Our victories regarding certain issues have been hard-fought, and they were not rooted in self-doubt. They were won despite the self-doubt imposed on us by a flawed society that, over the years, kept telling us:

You are just a woman. 

You are not good enough.

You're too fat/too skinny/to muscular to be considered beautiful.

Your voice is not valid.

But you know what the wonder in all of it is? That despite some shadows of doubt that may loom on us--through the numbers on the scale, or the catcalls while walking down the street--we women are stubborn. We don't back down.

Haven't you noticed? Here you are, woman, part of a generation of women standing on the shoulders of those who came before us. Those who fought for our rights--to vote, to get an education, to express ourselves freely. Those who had something important to say, and said it, despite the consequences. They are us. We are them. 

Here are stories and ideas of wonderful women exclusively on Lifestyle Network :

March 14 – First Filipina American Mayor of Daly City Juslyn Manalo
March 15 – Healer, Activist and Truth Speaker Sammay Dizon
March 16 - Kirstine Bargas on Being a Youtuber, Filipina, and Fearless Creator 
March 18 – Independent Filipino Singer-Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist Nityalilla Saulo
March 19 – Filipina American Restaurateur Patrice Cleary of Purple Patch
March 20 – Danah Gutierrez Talks About Sexiness and Shares a Haiku
March 23 – International Designer Happy Andrada Takes on the World 
March 24 - First Egyptian Female Solo Traveler Heidi Sodhy
March 26 – Nikki Torre: Finding Your Truth 
March 28 – Filipina African American Actress Asia Jackson

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