Merienda With Senatoriable Sonny Angara

Though I met a lot of celebrities and personalities, I do want to meet politicians, and future leaders of the country. As shapers of the future of the nation, I as a citizen would like to meet and ask them questions that has been in my mind, which could affirm my loyalty or change my support. 

In the past years, I have been able to meet some of them but would have so little time to ask them questions, since I was not yet a blogger back then. But now I was able to meet and know them more personally. Recently I met Senatoriable Sonny Angara, who is the son of Senator Edgardo Angara, and also a congressman in  Aurora Province. 

My family was associated with the Angaras back in 1998 elections, when Sen. Edgardo "Edong" Angara ran for Vice President, we did campaigning and postering in Laguna. My mother knows his Senatorial staff and at some point helped us when my father needed medical assistance. And last year, I met Sen. Angara at the Senate together with other bloggers. I notice that they both share the same passion as lawyers and the legistlature and working low-profile.

Sonny Angara, unlike other senatoriables is not notorious in making a lot of noise when doing legislative work. Which many would think silence means doing nothing in general. He looks simple but when he starts to talk, you may know that he is very articulate with laws (since he is a lawyer), and confident with his stand on issues like territory issues, education, RH bill, mining, tourism and the national economy.

One of his main platforms is Education, which I do support and  think would solve a lot of national problems and bring us to a more progressive and educated society, he legislated free kindergarten for the public which many would skip because due to poverty. 

I asked him if he would choose only one of the three : Agricultural, Industrial, Tourism would be the best for the Philippines, he said that Tourism would be the most feasible among the three since it would provide jobs easier to make and given the natural resources and beauty of the country.

Sonny Angara does make it to my list for being a education advocate and good work ethics without doing brag works which politicians should actually do than be scenestealers of the congress which makes the house a big reality show than a law making body.

I do hope that he would be part of the Philippine Senate to actually act more and talk less. Well, probably not on his twitter account (@SonnyAngara) which he replies and shares informative tweets.

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