Comedy Night at Solaire!

It has been more than a month since Solaire Hotel and Casino opened to the public as another entertainment, gaming, and leisure destination in the Philippines. And with a growing economy, tourism, and infrasturctures in the country, people do want to experience fun and excitement in their (and our) lives.

Solaire recently had a Comedy Night held in one of suites of Solaire which have great sunset view of Manila Bay in the afternoon and going into the golden sunset. I actually wanted to go to Solaire just to see this scene unfold before my eyes. And like the majestic sunset, the hotel and casino is indeed one of a kind in the world.

The Comedy Night brings together a number of Pinoy Bloggers for fun, games, and even some Okrayan! Yes, the suite became a comedy bar with a sunset view and in cozy space perfect for room parties. They invited two stand-up comedians and they made sure that no one leaves the room not rolling in laughter. 

We also had some games like the logo quiz which I everyone participated. There was also a word game using the letters from Solaire. Well its simply spell out the word according to the description. For once in a while, bloggers whould enjoy having real-life games apart from the computer and internet. 

Together with the games and comedy comes with grub and drinks that completes the party feel of the room and everyone in it. They raffled off two overnight stay at the hotel, sadly I did not win, hopefully next time perhaps.

But nevertheless, the Comedy Night at Solaire Hotel and Casino is a event of firsts for me. It is my first time to see the hotel and casino, to have a comedy party at as suite, and also tried their free shuttle service from Greenbelt.

Definitely this won't be the last time I'll be there, I want to explore and hopefully stay in one of their suites which has one of the best views of Manila Bay. Truly, Solaire is brighter than the sun! 

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