The LEGWORKS Booze Cruise

Hit the music… pop up the booze… hop aboard… it’s time to party on a yacht! Turn up the beat as Legworks Events Management and Consultancy brings you the hottest pulse-pounding wild euphoric event this summer – The Legworks Booze Cruise.

Unleash that inner party soul of yours as we cruise along the serene waters of Manila Bay. Let that body sway in a carefree attitude to the heart-thumping beat of disco music courtesy of our guest DJ on-board. Heat up your veins on the inclusive two cocktail drinks of your choice. As if it is not enough to enliven your spirit, thirteen different kinds of mixtures are available on our mobile bar aboard giving you such cocktails as Margarita, Pole dancer, Cosmopolitan, and Venom. 

Shoot up on our shooters drink like Sexy Bunny, Black Soviet, Bazooka Joe, Mudslide, and 2000 Flushes. If you’re daring enough to turn the heat up a notch, try our flaming cocktail drinks such as Chicano, Captain America, Other Half, and God Head. Also available for the alcohol-deprived is our mocktails called “Shirley Temple”. Jump, dance, sway, and drink like no tomorrow in a posh yacht set up to simulate your favorite bar- the big and only difference is we will sail across the midst of the midnight calm of Manila Bay amidst open skies in this 5-hour cruise. A treasure-trove of experience worthy for party people like you…an innovative, relaxing and relatively new experience leaving you craving for more.

For further details, please contact this number – (02) 515-9903 / 0905-267-5381 and look for Ms. Ey.

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