MUSIC LYF: John Rendez Returns to Rap Recording

With a lot of new rap stars now, its hard to find the artists who started with the "old school" style which paved the careers of rappers like Francis Magalona. But through the years, these rappers either shifted to a different genre or migrated to a different county which made the rap scene a little obscure and branched far from its roots.

Now a returning artist, John Rendez came back to launch his new album under Polyeast Records with the album "Metaldog". Not to be confused with Pitbull or Fliptop artists, John Rendez wants to be known in the music industry with that title with his rap which brings the sound style of the 90s and upgrades that can grab the attention of the present generation.

He might be on the same age range of he popular rap artists, he is very confident that his style stands out among the hiphop artists now. With his first album relased back in the 90s, he still have what it takes to make good tracks that can get the attention of the new rap generation.

Rap artist and composer John Rendez is back to the recording scene. 

Months after he returned to the country in August, 2011, the 42-year old rapper-composer and actor has started to carefully lay out the plans for a comeback to what he loves doing most - doing rap compositions and singing them.

It took him exactly a year to finish the new all-rap album, from conceptualizing the type and quality of its contents, to composing the new rap songs, to deciding on some "updates" to his previous compositions.

Everything fell into place and on October 1 last year, John Rendez, together with Ms. Nora Aunor, his long-time friend and now business manager, has inked a distribution deal with PolyEast Records for the release of the new John Rendez CD album, titled "Metaldog"/"There Can Only Be One".

A follow-up to the self-titled album John did years ago, also bearing the "Metaldog" tag, with its carrier single, "There Can Only Be One" (a new original composition), the album is a decided mix of so-called "high end" rap and what may be regarded as "low end/pang-masa" hip-hop beat.

The experience of doing the whole album was as fulfilling as John has envisioned. 

"It's good to be back to what I love doing most! Couldn't think of any other thing as fulfilling," said John. 

No less than the bosses from PolyEast Records,  Mr. Jesmon Chua and Mr. Chito Ilagan, the album distributor, would attest to the CD rap album's great potential to become a qualified hit.

"It's very positive. It's worth the long wait.  I can now say I'm a professional composer!"  John noted.

PINOY RAP INFULENCE.  Eleven original compositions make up this new rap album by John Rendez, including: There Can Only Be One, No More Musik By The Suckers, Ratt9MM, Metaldog, Kembotan, Everybody Sayaw (relieving John's early years on television, via ABS-CBN's "Ready Set Go!" in the early '90s). Under the Ground, Sowerzitat?, Domination, Coming To A Theater Near You, and a semi-novelty Tagalog rap, Plastik Pala.

"It's really no great surprise, every rap song, very up-to-date music!" said John.

For his second album, John Rendez collaborated with noted music composer, Jonathan Ong, with mixing (mixdowns) by Robert Javier and Tony D.

"We clicked together, so good! Wala akong masabi!" he intoned.  "Jonathan Ong is the best! And Tony D. and Robert Javier, from the Sonic State Studio, in Mandaluyong, very, very good!

"Couldn't be more 'happier'!" the Fil-Am rapper who hails from Angeles City, Pampanga, couldn't contain his happiness.

He said his roots are reflected in the rap songs the album contains.

"These are heavily influenced by my past.  But you know what?  It's also Pinoy rap influence,"  John stated.

PERSONAL STATEMENT.   Like any other artist true to his calling, John expresses a kind of mixed feelings about his comeback as a recording artist, through his new all-rap CD album.

"This is my music," he said.  "This is the quality of my character.
If you want to know what kind of a person I am, listen to my music.”

"This is the statement of the person that I am, at this time; the person that I was, and also the person (to remember me by)," he also said, with words deeply felt.

John hopes that "people try to understand it.  I'm not gonna be something that I'm not; not gonna be something original.”

"I think, maybe, I'm gonna find a balance of my skills, my state of mind, and my 'feel' for what's 'in' nowadays. “

"If you don't like me, it's okay.  You can't please everyone.  I just want my music to be given it's own chance."

John Rendez’ album METALDOG is now available nationwide distributed by PolyEast Records.

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