Support Your Senatoriables with #7Election at 7-Eleven

Elections may happen once every three years which makes it monumental at the same time changes the course of history. With a lot of people vying for positions in the government, it would be best that the people make wise decisions in choosing the right candidate for the job.

With surveys showing standings of candidates, results varies but it would also let you think what the majority would go for. Surveys are OK for me, but it also serves as a challenge for other candidates that their campaign may not be enough to convince people to vote for them. I know that there are a lot of candidates worthy of the position especially in the senate. And most of them were not even unheard throughout the campaign period.

And recently 7-eleven launched the 7-ELECTION which they done back in 2010 for the presidential elections. This is something like a mock-election/survey for customers to vote for their chosen candidate for President and Vice President. Today for the  Philippine midterm elections, they have now the roster of all the senators running for the position including the political parties which they are part of like UNA, Team PNOY, Makabayan, Ang Kapatiran, Bangon Pilipinas, Democratic Party of the Philippines, and independent candidates. They also feature results weekly on who is leading in their stores.

I'm still thinking of the candidates worthy of my vote. And  we SHOULD because they will be the leaders that will either be role models or opportunists who just after the fame and fortune. If you do have a cadidate willingly to support, you can participate in the 7-elections and make every voice be heard! For more information chec out their facebook page at

I may also share my list soon, but I may drop by a 7-eleven store to cool down as the weather is indeed really hot just like the upcoming elections.

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