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Manual To Vote: JV Ejercito Vows To Continue Projects For Health And Transportation

After a close placing of JV Ejercito for the Senatorial race in 2019, he is back with more optimism to return as a senator for the 2022 National elections. After the last elections, he became more active in biking and traveling which also led to making his own content for YouTube and other platforms. He is also seen trying out different delicacies in the places that he visit which also promoted them online.

He said that he did contemplate  if he should run again and hew saw that there is a need to elevate the healthcare system which is greatly challenged during the pandemic. As the proponent of the Universal Healthcare Act, he sees that there should be improvements with the facilities, benefits for healthcare workers, and the system itself that will benefit all Filipinos.

ER Ejercito Continues Gubernatorial Campaign And Possible Netflix Deal

Former Laguna Governor ER Ejercito called out a presscon recently to state his stand on the current cased filed against him which was released  last April 5, 2019. Along with his lawyer Atty. Larry Gadon, they came to present their side on the decision of the Sandigan Bayan's Fourth Division  who ruled then-Pagsanjan Mayor ER Eiercito, then-councilors Arlyn Lazaro-Torres, Terry! Gamit-Talabong, Kalahi Rabago, Erwin Sacluti and Gener Dimaranan, and private respondent Marilyn Bruel, guilty each for one count of violation of Section 3(e) of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, with the accessory penalty of perpetual disqualification from holding public office.

DepEd commends public school teachers for orderly, peaceful elections

Department of Education Secretary Br. Armin A. Luistro FSC in a press briefing commended the public school teachers for their efficient and effective performance during the national and local elections.

“The teachers went out of their way to make this election generally peaceful and very orderly. Their transmission of the results is the fastest in my memory.  They have proven that they can be trusted as they remained apolitical,” Luistro stressed.

He also expressed gratitude for their support, “Saludo ako at nagpapasalamat sa kaguruan. Sa palagay ko, ito na ang pinaka-successful, clean and very efficient election natin.”

Luistro reported that no untoward incidents had happened to any of the public school teachers nationwide who performed election duty.

Statement of DepEd on Election Poll Duties of Public School Teachers

In less than 10 days, the nation will troop to the polls for the 2016 automated national and local elections.  

Once again, public school teachers will render service as members of the Board of Election Inspectors (BEIs), support staff, polling center supervisors and member of the board of canvassers.  

With this, the Department of Education (DepEd) is confident that our public school teachers will rise to the occasion and take on the responsibility--as they have done in the past--to serve the country.

DepEd reminds its teachers to stay neutral and non-partisan. The Department will work closely with local officials and law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of public school teachers who will render their service during the polls. DepEd has also reactivated its Election Task Force (ETF) to assist those who will serve as BEIs. Also, the Department has partnered with the Public Assistant’s Office (PAO) through a Memorandum of Agreement to provide legal assistance to BEI members should there be election-related suits filed against them.

DepEd believes that our school teachers will give their best for an honest and clean national elections.

Menchie Abalos Ready To Be The Mother of Mandaluyong City

Running a city is never easy, it involves a lot of work and dedication to keep it competitive and productive. Mandaluyong City is one of the prime cities of the country and is the most strategic area in Metro Manila. It shares part of the Ortigas business district and houses the largest malls in the country (and the world). Urban living here has increased with the growth of condominiums, shopping centers, and offices. 

And for the people of Mandaluyong City, almost everyone is busy with fast-paced lives of work, education, and even recreation. The "Tiger City" of the Metro proves itself from the hard work of the people and the vision of their leaders. This is the legacy of the Abalos for the city who nurtured the growth from the start of its city-hood. 

#TeamSanJuan Announces Candidates for 2016

Current San Juan City Vice Mayor Francis Zamora recently made a monumental announcement with his candidacy for the mayoral position. He even brought the entire line up that is composed of candidates for councilor, vice-mayor, mayor and congressman seats. His announcement would defy the influential Estrada family which has taken hold of the city/town for decades, and they had also announced their own line up. Together they call themselves Team San Juan, which has a battlecry of "San Juan Malaya" (Free San Juan), a bold statement for their campaign.

#DirtyFinger2013 Update: Burgos Elementary School

 Padre Burgos Elementary School used to be the biggest elementary school in the world in terms of students, it also the venue for a lot of precincts in  the vote rich Sampaloc district, and today it is also the venue where former president Erap Estrada votes as a Manileño. And as expected media flocked to cover his vote as his residence is just 200 meters away from the school. With a huge population, the school looks like it opened for its first day of school, and Altura street which serves as the entrance and exit of voters, watchers, and election officers is bombarded with tarpalins, posters and a storm of sample ballots which is somehow lesser than the last elections, I hope they are going green now. And since it is a school, the stores infront of it becomes a booming marketplace, at least for the whole day. So far there was no power outages and less to no lines (just like in our baranggay). It took me longer to commute than to find my name, fill the ballot and let the PCOS machine eat it.

An Appeal To The Filipino Voter... #DirtyFinger2013

This is repost from my original personal blog at I posted this one so that more people can read this and also serve as a wake up call to do change in the society by voting wisely for the right candidate this 2013 election. Don't forget to use the hashtag #DirtyFinger2013 for your insights and also personal experience this day.

As elections grow nearer, the fate of the nation again is at hand. I may be a drop in the vast ocean, but I quote from the movie "Cloud Atlas" that "An ocean is a multitude of drops". I may not be famous, rather my nickname is, but I am entitled to speak my mind in this democratic country. It's my right, it is why I am here. And I do send out this simple appeal to the Filipino Voter, like me, that will elect the future administration leaders and legislators of the country.

First is the never ending slogan of VOTE WISELY. The term itself is what we wanted for a long time, and that is CHANGE. It is simple as choosing the candidate because you know that he/she is indeed qualified for that position and can deliver public service without smothering his name across town. Its as simple as choosing them with at least some background check and personal deliberation that he is the right and good person for the position. Never should you vote because your favorite artista says so, nor your parents dictates because you have this "utang na loob".

GMA Network goes all out for its "Dapat Tama" advocacy campaign

GMA Network takes the lead in pushing for a more informed and better prepared Philippine electorate – by providing valuable airtime for election-related programs and specials plus a series of election advocacy ads and music videos all centered around the theme DAPAT TAMA.

If there is one song on almost everyone’s lips this election season, it’s the powerful anthem DAPAT TAMA -- composed and performed by rapper Gloc 9 with singer Denise Barbacena. Created by Gloc 9 for GMA Network’s Eleksyon 2013 advocacy campaign, the DAPAT TAMA song reminds voters that their choices on election day will impact the entire country for many years.

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