#DirtyFinger2013 Update: Burgos Elementary School

 Padre Burgos Elementary School used to be the biggest elementary school in the world in terms of students, it also the venue for a lot of precincts in  the vote rich Sampaloc district, and today it is also the venue where former president Erap Estrada votes as a Manileño. And as expected media flocked to cover his vote as his residence is just 200 meters away from the school. With a huge population, the school looks like it opened for its first day of school, and Altura street which serves as the entrance and exit of voters, watchers, and election officers is bombarded with tarpalins, posters and a storm of sample ballots which is somehow lesser than the last elections, I hope they are going green now. And since it is a school, the stores infront of it becomes a booming marketplace, at least for the whole day. So far there was no power outages and less to no lines (just like in our baranggay). It took me longer to commute than to find my name, fill the ballot and let the PCOS machine eat it.

For this election there is no opponent to incumbent congresswoman Trisa Bonoan-David, but there are 22 aspiring councilors for this district. There is still the very high tension between Erap-Lim for Mayor and Isko-Lou Veloso for Vice Mayor.

So have you already voted? post your #DirtyFinger2013 pictures now.
If not, you still have until 7pm to vote. Don't miss this chance, it will be another 3 years until the next one, or you might be omitted from the list for not voting.

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