SARAH JESSICA PARKER’s ‘Love To Shop’ for The SM Store brought together world-class glam team

When The SM Store created the ‘Love To Shop’ expression for Sarah Jessica Parker, it required involving Parker's official glam team starting with her own make-up artist, hair stylist, official stylist and of course, a world-renowned photographer. And who better to create an amazing campaign for The SM Store other than Sarah Jessica Parker’s own glam team!

Meet the amazing team of world-class fashion authorities and professionals that created the fabulous “Love To Shop’ for The SM Store featuring A-List fashion icon SARAH JESSICA PARKER!

TRACY COX (Official Stylist)

Tracy Cox and Sarah's relationship began with Sex And The City. He was the man behind the dress in the iconic series finale exit scene of Sex in the City. In the episode, SJP lost a row of diamonds amongst layers of luxe tulle that could very well pass for the most exquisite ballerina dress of all time.

Tracy also created the link FASTERTHANPARIS, the gifted brainchild between Tracy Cox and Troy Arnold, and was featured in Vogue’s September issue. Back in 2009, the duo met through mutual friend Nicholas Kirkwood who suggested the two link up on a project. At the time, Tracy (whose original dream was to be a ballet dancer) was a stylist.

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ANDY LECOMPTE (Make-up Artist)

"I work well when I’m manic and under pressure—that’s when I find I do my best work," said Andy LeCompte, an L.A.-based hair stylist who, since the age of 18, has garnered global appeal. 

He began his career at Privé and in 2008 launched his namesake salon nestled in West Hollywood (along with business partner Leanne Citrone). Today, he counts clients like Penélope Cruz, Fergie, Megan Fox, Katie Holmes, Rachel McAdams, and Madonna (who he recently went on tour with). 

"The tour was amazing,” he enthused. "The highlight was definitely Rio De Janeiro baby. It was a long one though. I felt completely drained. Luckily, I was able to relax for a little bit. Sometimes I’ll get a massage but I usually just go to the gym and relax."

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LESLIE LOPEZ (Hair Stylist)

Leslie grew up in Cuba in the 1960s watching her mother rim her lips and eyes with dark liners. "The look was so typical of the time, but I never liked heavy makeup," Leslie says. Once she hit high school, friends were lining up for makeovers created with subtle, radiant hues. In her 20s, Lopez began posing for a prominent fashion illustrator, who noticed her talent for makeup artistry and recommended her to editors at top fashion magazines. Leslie got her big break in 1987 after a year-long makeup course. Filling in at the last minute for a makeup artist who called in sick to a big editorial shoot sparked the beginning of a 12-year working relationship with the magazine and the launch of Leslie’s acclaimed career.

Stars who work with Leslie stay with Leslie, which have come to include Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway, and Cameron Diaz to name a few. Her looks are consistently beautiful and her disposition is professional. But above all, she adapts to the taste of every client, whether it's layering dark mascara on Kate Hudson's lashes or skipping face powder for red-carpet regulars to give their skin a youthful glow.

Around the globe, Leslie has established herself as one of the most renowned artists in the industry. Known for creating immaculate faces on the most beautiful people in the world, Leslie's luminous, glowing skin has become a coveted red carpet look. "Beautiful makeup should look like no makeup. I like to accentuate the physical beauty of each person," she says.


Melbourne born but New York based for over a decade, Federici is one of the few female photographers who has made it on a truly global scale. Her work is regularly seen internationally in various Vogue's, Harper's Bazaar's, Interview, Elle, GQ, Esquire and many other magazines. An internationally acclaimed fashion, beauty, body and celebrity stills photographer, she is a sought after film director and has also released several books.

In the 90's her early work caught the eye of Paul Marciano, the owner and art director responsible for the famous Guess Jeans campaigns. They collaborated on many shoots including the famous Anna Nicole Smith campaign. With this, Guess jeans launched Daniela's career internationally.

Her client list reads like a who's who from the international prestige world --La Perla, Guess, De Beers, Earl Jeans, Samsung, Paspaley, BMW, Patrick Cox, Nike, Wolford, Ellesse, Speedo, Trish Mc Evoy cosmetics and Rosato as well as TV commercials for clients such as Guess, Ellesse, Olay, Coca Cola, Kayser lingerie and many more.

As the new face of the SM Store, SJP brings to Manila her love of shopping as expressed in her incredible fashion style.  She has been known to be experimental in her fashion choices – which range from elegant designer gowns to casual street fashion and even sportswear - mixing and matching and looking fabulous.

Her collaboration with SM Store in its Love to Shop campaign is a perfect fit, as her personal style celebrates the SM Store’s passion for fashion, as well as its wide assortment of merchandise. SJP is a fashion inspiration for Manila’s stylish set, as she is one of the very few Hollywood personalities that could pick anything in the store, expensive or affordable, and look awesome.  And most of all, many Filipinos can identify with her, as like them, she loves to shop.

The SM Store 'Love To Shop' featuring SARAH JESSICA PARKER - June 07, 2013

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