Sen. JV Ejercito Is More Than Mr. Healthcare

They say that a Senator's pride is in the laws he has authored, and for reelection candidate JV Ejercito it is the universal health care (UHC) law or Republic Act No 11223 is what he banners as its principal author. With this law, it aims to provide quality healthcare for all Filipinos with structure and system that will benefit everyone especially those below the poverty line.

But this is not only the bill the JV has done in the senate. He has also authored bills that reformed local housing, economic affairs, and educational system.  Currently he is the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Economic Affairs and the Committee on Urban Planning, Housing and Resettlement and Committee On Health And Demography.

If given the chance of reelection, he would still pursue chairmanships of the same committees which he was able to push priority legislation. But he is not completely tied to his work in the senate. He is still a husband and father to his family which he always likes to hang out and take pictures, also seen in his instagram account.

In our interview with Senator JV, he also shares that he love to ride on his motorcycle and drives to many places in the country. An interesting hobby for a senator which are more seen with their cars and drivers. JV shares that this is one way of his relaxation from the stress of work along with his sport golf.

According to his profile in the senate website, he is also a Commissioned Reserve Officer of the Philippine Marine Corps with the rank of Major and an adopted member of the Philippine Military Academy Class ’88 of Maringal. Interestingly, with the many roles he has beyond politics is quite impressive and makes him aware of the situations even in the grassroots. 

He now works double time now to still fulfill his roles in the upper house, and campaign his reelection along with the candidates of Hugpong ng Pagbabago led by Inday Sara Duterte. As election draws near, he banners himself as Mr. Healthcare, yet he is more than that and his diverse portfolio is proof of that.

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