Daikin Celebrates 10 Years In The Philippines - Onward To innovations And Growing Market Share

Air conditioning is more than just the basic concept of heating and cooling as it can be further defined by improving the quality of the air to not just make the surrounding comfortable but maintain its livability as well.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants. Understanding and controlling common pollutants indoors can help reduce your risk of indoor health concerns.

Health effects from indoor air pollutants may be experienced soon after exposure or, possibly, years later. It is also an advocacy recognized by Green Building Organizations as it is very much evident how the air quality in the world is worsening thus the need to take action and make adjustments and stop compromising wellness with progress.

Therefore, Daikin, through its various products have taken the steps to further promote the importance of IAQ and reinforcing its presence in various areas. In the residential market, Daikin has released a full range of Air Purifiers to help families in reducing the risks of illness such as asthma. While for the commercial market, Daikin has developed products that is capable of inducing fresh air that is essential to attaining the best conditions for the people occupying the space.

Revolutionizing the Residential Air Conditioning Market

Traffic. In many ways, this word has become an absolute description of Metro Manila’s roads, which brought about the trend of Filipinos changing their lifestyles by renting or buying small spaces close to their schools or workplaces. This has, unfortunately, become the new reality.

With this in mind, it was the aim to develop a product that perfectly fits this lifestyle, hence the development of the Super Multi S.

The Super Multi-S is a single condensing unit that allows connection of up to 3 indoor units compared to the conventional single-split units. Though the Multi Split technology has existed for a while now, it is not suitable for the current Philippine market because most Multi-Split systems are designed or optimized to connect to up to 5 indoor units, which is just not possible given the current condominiums development trends. Thus, making the Super Multi-S perfect for smaller spaces and applications that fit the typical working-class Filipino, wherein 20 sqm. spaces are now considered a 1-BR unit. With this product’s compact design and low power output, it is not a chore to install and be energy efficient, therefore giving the user all the benefits of an Inverter Split-Type Air Conditioner at a bargain. It is truly luxury at a great value.

Also, to be launched is Daikin’s brand new Premium Inverter, the FTKM. With the latest features that’s includes a sleek and stylish Coanda Panel Design that gives you the best air-conditioning experience. The powerful air draft does not fall on your head directly, but it is steered upward letting air circulate into the corners of the room creating a comfortable ambience. The FTKM aims to be most efficient Air Conditioner available in the market and be the mother of all 5-Star Energy Efficient Residential Air Conditioners.

New Large Floor Standing and Enhancements to the VRV

Daikin’s New Large Floor Standing model is the latest addition to its extensive line of Packaged Air Conditioners. With a larger capacity and superior performance, this unit aims to be the go-to product for the market in terms of various applications such as factories, airports, and of the like.

This year will also be another unveiling of Daikin’s continued innovation and improvement to its flagship product, the VRV. With the New Anti-Corrosion model, Daikin will be providing a solution to the longstanding problem that projects located in reclamation areas face. The unit features the use of a remarkably superior corrosion-resistant hot-dip Zinc-Aluminum-Magnesium (ZAM) alloy coated steel sheet product, which is 10-20 times better than hot dip zinc coated steel sheets which will enable the end users to protect their investment as well as get the best out it.

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