Mila Kunis, Ken Jeong Voice "Wonder Park" Animals

Box-office-hit stars Mila Kunis (Oz the Great and Powerful) and Ken Jeong (Crazy Rich Asians) lead the voice cast of Paramount Animation and Nickelodeon Movies’ new comedy adventure Wonder Park. 

A delightful and inspiring fable for all ages, Wonder Park features a star-studded voice cast that includes Jennifer Garner, Matthew Broderick, Norbert Leo Butz, John Oliver, Kenan Thompson,  Ken Hudson Campbell, and newcomer Brianna Denski.

In the film, June, a precocious 8-year-old with a knack for engineering designs a spectacular imaginary amusement park, only to discover that it has become real. But when her beloved park is threatened, only she can save her creation ― with the help of her soaring imagination and some very special friends.

June has filled the park with a cast of larger-than-life animal mascots based on the stuffed toys in her bedroom. Each of them, from Greta (voiced by Kunis), the no-nonsense boar who keeps her companions on track, to maintenance beaver Cooper (voiced by Jeong) represents an aspect of June or her mother that is necessary to keep the park running.  

Greta is the theme park’s levelheaded administrator. “You might think she is an average-looking boar,” says co-star John Oliver who voices safety specialist, Steve. “Steve would have to work very hard not to slap you across the face if you were to vocalize that, however. She is his angel ― his walking, honking angel. She makes Steve want to be a better porcupine.”

“Saturday Night Live” stalwart Kenan Thompson and comic actor Ken Jeong are on hand to play beaver brothers Gus and Cooper, respectively. The park’s resident handymen, Gus and Cooper work together to fix anything that needs to be fixed ― with mixed results.

“Gus is a fun-loving type of guy, very high-energy, busy as a beaver, you know,” says Thompson, “SNL’s” longest-running cast member. “Beavers have big teeth and big tails, so Ken and I tried to do a lot of those kinds of sound effects, like chewing on things real fast, like num num num num num. And we decided that they would slap tails instead of doing high-fives.”

Jeong adds that although the brothers are well-intentioned, they do not always think things through. “I really enjoy that dynamic of brotherly friction and competitiveness,” he says. “But they love each other, and they love the park, so they do everything they can to save it, just in very quirky ways. The best part was working with Kenan. The sessions we did together were so much fun. It was mostly laughter, but they were able to salvage some pieces of usable dialogue. He just is one of the funniest people in the world.”

Family is one of the major themes of the movie, cast member Norbert Leo Butz says. “It can be the families we’re born into, families that we’re thrust into or families that we create because of a situation in our lives. We can lean in to them to help get us through tough times. The other big theme is imagination and tapping into it positively. Imagination is not just for kids. It’s the way that we see beauty, see hope and justice.”

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About Wonder Park

When the park of her dreams needs saving, only June’s imagination can bring it back to life!

A tribute to creativity, Wonder Park tells the story of 10-year-old June, a wildly imaginative young girl who builds models of amusements parks with her mother. When June gets older, she starts to lose her sense of wonder and begins to shun her childhood ideas, including the idea of the park, packing away her models away. Nevertheless, her childhood catches up with her!

One day whilst exploring deep in the woods, in a magical moment, she discovers a roller coaster car buried under ivy. It transports her to a fantastical wonder park, like the ones she used to build, populated by animals who were its past employees. But the park is broken down, abandoned and in a state of decay.

June soon rediscovers the wonder of her world, and teams up with a whole host of talking animals to restore the park to its full glory, complete with spinning contraptions and inverting roller coasters, all whilst contending with a invasion of a army of cheeky chimpanzombies looking to stir up all kinds of destructive mischief.

From writers Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec (co-creators/writers of CBS’ Zoo), Wonder Park’s voice cast features Jennifer Garner, Matthew Broderick, John Oliver, Mila Kunis, Kenan Thompson, Ken Jeong, Norbert Leo Butz, Brianna Denski and Ken Hudson Campbell.

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