Sara Duterte Wears Shirt In Support For JV Ejercito

The Philippine midterm elections is getting closer everyday and the candidates are now taking the game seriously with gathering the support they can get. Currently the Hugpong ng Pagbabago Party (HNP) led by Sara Duterte is actively participating in campaign rallies that goes around the country. One particular campagin stop was the vote rich province of Cebu.

The province has been pivotal in many elections as it can bring up millions of votes from the Visayan capital. Despite having a little struggle with coughing on stage, Sara Duterte continues on her speech to introduce the candidates.

Though the HNP senatorial slate was not complete on that date, Sara Duterte showed her support to one particular candidate, JV Ejercito. She wore a shirt showing JV  printed on it as she addresses the crowd in Cebu and Mandaue. 

Campaign apparel such as these is actually a big thing since they face the public and media while showing their platforms and endorsements. In the campaign trail, Sara is rarely seen wearing any candidate's shirt with their name on it. Usually it would be just the HNP shirt and vest. Also as the head of HNP, this might also shows that she favors JV among the other senatoriables.

In a Facebook post, Senator JV expressed his gratitude for Inday Sara for wearing the shirt in the rallies. He is unable to attend the rally in Cebu due to schedules and other commitments.  

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