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Ariel Querubin Announces Senate Bid with Support from Generals and Officers

After quite a while, retired Colonel Querubin finally makes his statement of his Senate bid for 2025 with an event called "A Gathering of Warriors: A Call for Unity and Heroism." This was attended by various former Chiefs of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) from the past administrations.

These AFP and PNP Chiefs who are close to around two thousand Generals and officers back Querubin for his Senate candidacy. This was held at Club Filipino which is a historical venue in Philippine politics and history.

His announcement comes with the support of military and police officers who showed full support to Querubin who has gone into many predicaments which were very risky and has also been detained for his ideologies and personal stand. 

Charting the Course: Retired Colonel Ariel Querubin Sets Sail for Public Service with Valor and Unity

Retired Col. Ariel Querubin, a highly decorated hero of the Philippine Marine Corps, is venturing into public service with a strong focus on unity and courage. His campaign aims to bring together leaders from different backgrounds to address the West Philippine Sea dispute with solidarity and strategic thinking. Querubin envisions a government that emulates the strength and orderliness of a well-maintained ship, steering the nation towards progress and prosperity.

As tensions rise over the West Philippine Sea issue, Querubin advocates for a collaborative approach and urges leaders to defend the nation's sovereignty with a united front. His call for collective action against the true adversaries reflects his commitment to protecting the Filipino people and their well-being.

Colonel Ariel Querubin is widely regarded as one of the most respected figures in Filipino military history. His remarkable career has been defined by his exceptional bravery, unwavering integrity, and commitment to serving his country. From the very beginning. Querubin showed great determination and became a fearless leader within the Philippine Army.