ANC's Short Film Series KINSE Stands for Human Rights

AmBisyon 2010 last year by ANC was indeed a huge success but also a point of controversy and censorship. As the film talkes the issues that has long affcted the country, there were eyes that were opened. From that point this paved way to the creation of another series of short films and ANC (ABS-CBN news channel) was anticipating that there will be another set next year. They launched KINSE (15), consisting of 15 directors including Erik Matti, Carlos Siguion Reyna, Mark Meily, Auraeus Solito, Raymond Red, Jim Libiran, John Red, Richard Somes, Ato Bautista, Kiri Dalena, Ray Gibraltar, Raymund Amonoy, Kidlat de Guia, Nico Puertollano and Paolo Villaluna.
The topic for this year would focus more on HUMAN RIGHTS. This includes women rights, rights of the child, rights against extrajudicial killings, indegenous rights, freedom of expression, rights against domestic violence and LGBT rights. The short films run from 4 to 6 minutes and the filmakers have the freedom in creating the short films. KINSE will run on a six-part TV special hosted by Angel Aquino beginning May 23, 9:30pm on ANC.

Erik Matti – Nang Tumambad ang Hubad na Katotohanan
this short film is both entertaining yet opens a big can of worms of clashing beliefs, lies and acceptance to reality. Humorously in nature with lines that would leave a mark of moments in the film

Ato Bautista – Pilay
Rights would always be connected with justice and on this film, finding justice is not as easy as it seems especially to one that lacks in almost everything in his life.

Richard Somes – 1942
this one shows child rights in a different light. If one would observe, he would find dots that can be connected together and see what is the root of child labor. There would be moments of comedy, but one would still see injustices in it.

Ray Gibraltar – Manilyn’s Dress and the Pekeng Duck
a light approach to the freedom to express oneself, and since the scenes also happened to me in real life, I was also to see myself in those situation. This film is the only one using Bisaya as the language.

Auraeus Solito – Indigenous Pelikula
one of the strongest showcase of how human rights are violated and still seeking justice. I do consider idigenous rights are the most neglected today which we also kill without knowing it.

Mark Meily – Kaninong Boses
Something to reflect about when we hear something. Also makes us realize that human rights goes hand in hand with trust.

Paolo Villaluna – Intolerance
a simple yet young approach to gay rights in which the society also triggers people to oppress people of the LGBT gender. I commend them for great cinematography and surprizing actor portrayals.

Raymond Red – Bangin
There is a deep approach and analogy for this one. So deep I fell in the Bangin.

John Red – Absent
I don't know but I saw bob ong in this film, though I am not sure what specific right does it pertains to, but left a nostalgic feel with descriptions so vivid that talks to the mind.

Raymund Amonoy – Liham para kay Marlo
As I thought it was just another love story which I tought would be boring but then turns to a surprizing twist. The surprize would leave you speaking French.

Kiri Dalena – Memorial for Filipino Journalists
showing 15 years of slain journalists, including the maguidanao massacre victims would not fit in just a few minutes but this would leave you with a ghost haunting and seeking justice. I did heard some sobbing at the sight of the film, which also left me with a heavy heart.

Kidlat de Guia – ANC 19
a documentary about the right to culture which is synonymous with indigenous rights, did show important points about the matter but presented in a very classic documentary style.

Nico Puertollano – Labinlima
this short film is packed with a lot of useful information while still keeping pace with the main subject which is a family of 15, 2 parents and 13 children. Though can also be related to the debated RH bill, would focuses more on the rights and roles of the mother.

Carlos Siguion Reyna – Choices
This one would be just in time for a very hot topic, the RH bill, abortion, and contraception. the senario opened a lot of choices or options where the story would go yet there was a hanging question left.

Jim Libiran – Batch 2011-05-16
this director of TRIBU, makes a great connection of the past and present. Very complicated yet visually entertaining integration of events and its contrasts. And in the end, I left me a Jose Rizal reflection of his perception of the future.

Among the celebrities who joined ANC Kinse were Anne Curtis and Gina Alajar. Even if the films are limited in budgeting 15 short films these was never a hindrance to the directors to create quality works.

ANC partners with Springfilm Foundation and The Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands, which a very active nation fighting for human rights. They will also partner with Dutch filmmaker Jacco Groen. The film will be released this year. For more details about ANC Kinse visit

Here is short teaser for KINSE...

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