Blah Blah Blogs: Happy End of the World Day!


I know you have also waited until it struck 6 am in the US. You might have tweeted or messaged your family and friends that you love them and sorry for all of your sins. Some would have gone to church and prayed so hard that their knees bleed.  Some would party like 2012 and also made their final dreams come true. But technically, most of us didn't. Since also technically, we can not solidly predict the future and determine our demise.  Though if we did, we have probably did all the things above and do something, either to wait what to happen or how to delay it. But its freaky but cool to realize that at those time of confusion and chaos (if ever), we would do the things that we should have done today. Why do we need to wait for the apocalypse to arrive just to end wars and say 'I LOVE YOU'?  There is also so many things left unfinished if the world ends now... when will the Philippines get a Gold at the Olympics? Who killed Ninoy Aquino? Will the corrupt officials be punished? What outfit will Lady GaGa wear next? Well, if ever that we are still able to live tomorrow the next END OF THE WORLD day would be December 21, 2012, so mark your calendars and party like its the end of the world!

So to all you readers, my family and friends.

-fpj jr

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