Putting the ‘self’ back in selfies

Selfie hacks that let your personality shine through 

So are you one of those who take selfies 10 to a hundred times a day? We may be proud of having one of our cities named the “selfie capital of the world,” but it doesn’t mean that we’ve fully mastered the art of taking selfies.

A lot has already been said about capturing the perfect image of yourself: from proper lighting and cropping close to your face, to angling and the rule of thirds. But if you really want your personality to shine through, here are a couple of tips that can add impact to your latest Instagram upload.

Accessories galore

The unadorned face may be beautiful, but that shouldn’t stop you from accessorizing even just a bit. A pair of sunnies won’t only protect your eyes from the sun when you’re taking a shot from an upright angle. With the right frame for the shape of your face, you can highlight your best facial features or hide areas you don’t want to call attention to.

You can also go with earrings, mascara, lipstick, and necklace or scarf for some personality. If you’re wearing a nice watch, colorful bangles, stacked or jeweled rings, or funky nail polish, you can bring up your hand and wrist to be included in your face shot.

Always remember not to over-accessorize. You still want your face to be the subject of your selfie.

Action shot

While stillness is an essential skill for the selfie-taker, you can spice up the moment by capturing yourself doing an activity. Whether you’re out jogging, belting out your favorite song at a KTV bar, or enjoying game night at home with your best buddies, a selfie that shows you in the middle of action will make you appear more fun and exciting.

Worried about looking sweaty and messy? Don’t be. It’s the rawness of the moment that people appreciate about the selfie. You even get to show the world how interesting you are with the activities you do.

Tech matters

Phones specifically designed for taking selfies is definitely a must if you want the perfect selfie. One such phone is the OPPO F1s.

Equipped with a powerful 16 megapixel front-facing camera for high-resolution selfies, the F1s comes with eight filters that enable you to enhance the lighting, color, and mood of your images for a more evocative effect.

The panorama feature also lets you take “groufies” for those fun action shots with your friends. This is complemented by the smartphone’s anti-shake feature which prevents those unfortunate blurs that tend to happen when taking selfies during an activity.

“The F1s is designed to make it easier to capture moments that express your fun and unique self,” OPPO Philippines Brand Marketing Manager Stephen Cheng said. “With features like Beautify 4.0 and the eight filters, you can create selfies where your personality truly stands out.”

The OPPO F1s is now available in concept and dealer stores nationwide. The suggested retail price is P12,990.

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