Shrimp Bucket Celebrates 5th Year With BGC Cook Out!

Filipinos have an explicit love affair with seafood. Which is not unlikely, given that we live on a collection of islands surrounded by deep, rich waters that offer up their bounty all year round.

This love is especially pronounced with shrimp. It’s available all year long in our groceries, we ferment them to make our precious bagoong, dry them to make our soups more savory, and include them in stir-fries, noodle dishes, and on the rare occasions, even dessert.

So it’s no wonder that when Shrimp Bucket opened its doors five years ago, Pinoys welcomed the new restaurant with open arms and healthy appetites.

Shrimp in the city

After it was established in 2012, Shrimp Bucket quickly became a go-to spot for anyone who was craving a heaping helping of plump, flavorful shrimp. The restaurant’s trademark method of serving their seafood in plastic bags caught on like wildfire. Called “Bags by the Pound,” these plastic containers are filled with either fresh shrimps, crabs, or mussels, and are then loaded with one of a selection of seven mouth-watering flavors: Mardi Gras, Salty Eggsperience, Coco-sol, Frenchy Lemon Pepper, The Spaniard, Sebastiana and Coco-Curry.

Diners then deck themselves out with bibs and gloves dig in with gusto. Eating with hands is encouraged here, and it helps you get the most out of the experience. There’s something thrilling about being able to pry the delicious shrimp free from its shell with your fingers like you would do at home. That’s partially why the resto is so popular with large groups and families -- it has a fun, laid back atmosphere where people can relax and simply enjoy the food and the company.

Shrimp Bucket is now serving seafood lovers from seven locations:
Bonifacio Global City, Nuvali, Greenhills, UP Town Center, il Terrazo Mall, Ayala Malls The 30th, and Circuit Makati.

Shrimp Bucket’s 5th birthday

Shrimp Bucket capped its 5th year with a major celebration, holding a shrimp cook out under the stars. Teams of cooks prepared the restaurant’s popular dishes, while patrons enjoyed unlimited bags of shrimp drenched in their favorite flavors of Shrimp Bucket.

On its fifth year, Shrimp Bucket will be introducing new sauces and flavors that shrimp lovers will certainly enjoy. So if you love shrimp, prepare to get your hands dirty and indulge in flavorful shrimps only at Shrimp Bucket. 

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