Globe Group’s Cascadeo: 2024 insights on tech; Businesses to ride or perish in Generative AI wave

The coming year will see a generative AI wave–  a period of greater AI use across many industries– and enterprises will have to adopt or get swept away, Globe Group’s AI-first cloud services firm Cascadeo has said.

In a forecast on tech in 2024, Jared Reimer, Founder, President and Chief Technology Officer of Cascadeo, said the coming year will be a “time to fully embrace generative AI across every role and aspect of business as a part of each organization's key strategy,” with more use cases developing across industries.

“We foresee generative AI refocusing— but not necessarily replacing— the digital transformation and managed services that power our customers’ success in the cloud. As use of generative AI increases, businesses must learn to adopt instead of resisting the changes,” Reimer said.

“The earthquake has already happened, and the tsunami has already formed.  It is racing towards shore and there is nothing that can be done to slow or stop it.  Either you learn to ride the wave or you will find yourself flattened by it. This is going to happen much faster than most people realize or appreciate.  2024 will be the year AI becomes prevalent in all we see and do, both at work and in our personal lives,” he added.

Data from tech research firm Gartner showed that by 2026, over 80% of enterprises would have already used generative AI application programming interfaces or models, or else deployed applications enabled by generative AI in production environments. In another poll released in October, Gartner said it had found that 55% of organizations surveyed were either “piloting or in production mode” with generative AI.

As a leading provider of managed cloud and professional solutions, Cascadeo stands ready to support enterprises in developing generative AI adoption strategies, Reimer said. This will help companies avoid the potential downsides of cloud adoption such as cost overruns, security issues and compliance concerns.

“With our industry-leading tech and expertise, Cascadeo is ready to help companies take their first steps into adopting generative AI and guide them through implementation. We will be there to guide them in migrating to a cloud environment that’s scalable and adaptive as AI evolves,” Reimer said.

Cascadeo leverages generative AI within its own operations and in its services. Cascadeo AI, its cloud management platform powered by generative AI and AWS, allows businesses to monitor, manage, and optimize cloud deployments in real time by combining generative AI with human expertise to simplify public cloud management for managed service providers and enterprise customers.

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