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"I did not become President to be popular. To work, to lead, to protect and preserve our country, our people, that is why I became President. When my father left the Presidency, we were second to Japan. I want our Republic to be ready for the first world in 20 years." - President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

Its the time of the year that we've been waiting. Its not a holiday nor a party, its the State of the Nation Address of the president, which sould be her last one, again is heard troughgout the nation and the whole world. Similar to the State of the Union Address in the United States. This event is actually included in the constitution. In which the situation of the republic should be reported. As usual also is the rants, raves, and praises from various groups, politician, and even the common tao. In the past SONA of PGMA, she would always present her achievements for the nation. As an economist, of course the speech is almost about the situation of the economy.
It started with a few seconds of silence to pray for the former president, Corazon Aquino. After that the ambiance begins to change. According to her, the economy has been stable and also there were progress in various sectors that is what she say are "proofs" of economic progress. Also what left a mark in me was the quotation above. Meaning she did a good job and stayed to be a busy president at the cost of her approval rating from the masses. Well, she was right about that one, however for me and even analysts say that the SONA lacks sincerity and also other elements that the people really wants to know. One of which is if she would completely step down from office after her term next year. Also her speech was also filled with words against her critics, most of them former allies. No names were mentioned, but the public knows who they are. It seems the speech was her way to fight back in the word wars.
Later within this day the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines gave a statement about the SONA. Their verdict, GMA is lying. She may impress the audience with economic achivements on a macroscale, which could not be understood by the average pinoy, however failed in showing what the people really are experiencing today. We must take note that the CBCP did told the public to listen to the SONA before criticizing. Which they (and us too) did. Note that even religous leaders do see flaws, visble and big flaws in the regime.
Summing everthing here, we do see old, ugly things that remains unchanged or even got worse. There are some good news, but its not enough o its very unnoticed by the public itself. Puns were obvious and fierce against critics but failed to see its own weakness and never aknowledge that situation. Probably out of pride or the security issues what they are very much afraid of. NO, I am not happy with the SONA. Rather it seems more like a variety show entertaining the masses on an afternoon, yet not interesting enough to think that these are the real situation of the nation.
Actually, I do like GMA in her habits and ideas. She does on the spot inspection and criticizism with her subbordinates just to make it right. She is very hard working and very idealistic with project that are really good for the economy. Like giving bitter medicine to his son, she made those efforts just to keep the economy afloat. However, her power was used to be abusive to clear her name, used the position as a business opportunity, and is likes to keep things in secret. I did not feel sincerity in her infamous "I am sorry" speech. With countless files of corruption and human rights abuse, Its not right to jst say the economy is OK or better. So where do I stand. Just like Aristotle, I stand on the middle first but seeing and observing these reasons, I am now glued to be an opposition, yet I am not for any party. But to be probably with the side of the Filipinos, which are the people that we true heroes that saved us from damnation. Hope we see a new face with a better strategy for the country.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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