Blah Blah Blogs: ONDOY Year One

Yes it been a year now, Many things had happened in my life that I could go back to the day Ondoy came. There was not  damage since we were at the 4th floor but after that day. There was also a series ofinfortunate events that happened to me and my family too. But for the people  directly affected by this event, their lives were changed forever. 

Yes we say climate change, we said we are contributors, we are to blame... but was there anything done? For this year, the rain was not severe compared to last year. Are we waiting for another Ondoy to pass by and make another catastrophe? Did we really did measure to prevent this and make our cities safer place to live?

Just this year, Pakistan was also in peril as it experienced the same thing but on a much larger scale. They too are still in crisis, but after aid arrives and homes restored will we all become complacent of these things because we have experienced it? 

To prepare is essential, and to have will is what most of us fail to do. I pray for the souls of those people who lost their lives and the other damages that led to many complicated things for the country. For now, after a year, rebuilding does not stop, it just another beginning and also a time if we did made a change to prevent this one to ever happen again. 

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