Why Travel? I'll Tell You Why...

Tell me one person who does not want to travel, and I will say to him that you just lost the value of living...

Seriously, no one in the world does not like to travel. Because life is a big journey, whoever we are, we need to walk or travel from point A to point B somehow. People are not stationary to one position like plants, we are made to be animated and appreciate the vast and wide world we are living in. That is why, we do love traveling. And this journey never ends as we go to different phases in our lives, if it so, then you have to make the most of your travel experience.
For many traveling could be a luxury, but its not the distance that make it special, its how one can savor and enjoy living in that place. Traveling can also be just a walk around the neighborhood that you have not yet discovered. If there is time and resources, then make the experience more unforgettable by trying new cuisine, going to new heights, enjoying what the world can offer. Philippine Travel is fun yet unforgettable. Our country is blessed with so many wonders that one can avail. From scenic beaches to lush forest and mountains. Even in the urban jungle of Metro Manila Cities are also fun finds in every corner.

Going with friends and family is what makes us happy and make the travel more comfortable and easy. One may go trough a lot of thing while on a journey, but having someone you know lessens the hassle or even get rid of it. I can testify these truths and I believe so will you, Its time to get out of your lonely cubicle and take a good 360° turn around you. Life has so many surprises along the way and even in the most frustrating days and cold nights, you can actually find solace in your soul, relax your mind and body or even flex those muscles that needs exercise.

 That is why my post is always on a journey, traveling to different places makes it more exciting especially whenever I get lost and never ask for directions...

Here are some of my post that I did when traveling to different places 
Misa de Gallo Diaries - a 9 day diary of my experience and travels to churches for the novena masses.
Otaku Expo - a anime inspired that started my love for cosplay, komiks and animé.
Poong Nazareno - the most challenging and exciting travels I've been to, even if its within the city.

I am a traveler so that is why I am joining the contest for the  
Lets Go Sago! Anniversary!

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