Don't Miss These RTL CBS Entertainment Shows As The Season Finales Come Closer

Scorpion Season 3

Team Scorpion continues to work with government agencies and organizations and solve cases which prove to be a lot of firsts for everyone. From stopping a nuclear weapon, with Walter accidentally being launched in space, and preventing a dangerous virus from spreading, the team got into more turns as they work their way around all the situations. As we approach the season finale with Happy and Toby’s wedding which led to their plane crashing to a deserted island, will the team manage to get out of their unplanned tropical holiday? Find out on the last episode airing on 16 May, Tuesday, 9:00pm (8:00pm JKT/BKK) first and exclusive, same day as the U.S.


The first season of Bull is coming along strong as the show gives us insights into how things, behavior, circumstances, appearance, language could affect how a person on trial is read and how a jury evaluate a case. A psychologist’s involvement in a trial makes for an entertaining yet thought provoking scenarios which excite the viewers. Now on its last few episodes, don’t miss Dr. Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly) and the whole team at Trial Analysis Corp play more psychological tricks to win the cases that come their way. Bull airs same day as the U.S. every Wednesday, 9:00pm (8:00pm JKT/BKK) first and exclusive on RTL CBS Entertainment. 

Elementary Season 5

This modern-day adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes keeps the characters alive and close to the hearts of the audience. The natural screen chemistry of Johnny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes, and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson make the viewers hooked and want more of the popular deduction techniques Sherlock is known for. From the different murder cases, to a possibility of finding missing treasures, the duo moves from one clue to another which either help the case, or lead to another one. Not your ordinary consultants, these two always find a way to tie loose ends and solve the mystery behind it which oftentimes put them in danger. One of Watson’s last patients as a surgeon, Shinwell Johnson, was introduced in this season which opens up a possible case for Sherlock and Dr. Watson. Shinwell was an ex-convict attempting to change the course of his life but Sherlock is not very fond of him. He serves as an informant of SBK, a known ruthless drug gang. As the season is down to its last few episodes, what can Sherlock and Watson find out about SBK and Shinwell? Catch the remaining episodes of Elementary Season 5 first and exclusive, express from the U.S., every Wednesday 9:55pm (8:55pm JKT/BKK) on RTL CBS Entertainment.

Britain’s Got Talent Season 11

Now on its 11th season, Britain just proved to have talents yet to be discovered. While auditions are still on going, there has been three golden buzzer acts far different from each other. These acts will all go straight to the semi-finals. Fifteen-year-old Sarah Ikumu is Simon Cowell’s choice who has such an impressive singing talent. Alesha Dixon’s golden buzzer act is a girl dance group called Just Us who carry an inspiring story. One of their members, Julia Carlile, is suffering from scoliosis and has revealed that the audition could be one of the last times she could dance before undergoing an operation to fix her spine. While Amanda Holden’s pick is comedian Daliso Chaponda who made everyone laugh their hearts out with his stand-up routine. There could be two more golden buzzer acts from judge David Walliams, and hosts Ant and Dec in the next few episodes. Watch out for it at Britain’s Got Talent Season 11 every Sunday at 9:00pm (8:00pm JKT/BKK) with primetime encore on Thursdays first and exclusive, same day as the UK on RTL CBS Entertainment.

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