The Hype Is Real! A New Player In The TNVS Market

Ride hailing and sharing is not just a new trend in transportation but a evolution of the future of commuting. With millions of people going around the metro everyday, including myself, the need for these pushed for regulations to be passed via the LTFRB. With the exit of Uber, there is a demand for the another player to break the monopoly. Well there is good news, Hype Transport System is here to serve the Pinoy commuting public.

Simply to be called Hype, this service will be in operation in May. Sharing the news are Nick Escalante (President & CEO), Jennifer Silan (COO), and John Codorniz Jr (Chief Technology Officer), they welcomed the question of media and bloggers in a recent press and blog conference.

They shared that their services will go beyond the regular as they will make sure to take care of riders and drivers. They will be coming up with promos and great deals for riders while they will also set up a cooperative that will help drivers. They will also have their own celebrity endorser that will be revealed at their launch.

The App for Hype is still in development and is scheduled to be available for download in May 13. For the mean time, they are now open for application for drivers, they also completed requirements in accordance to LTFRB standards. The app is eyeing to start service by May 27.

As Hype entering soon, it will be a relief for a new company to join and make it competitive and bring better service for the riding public. For now, we are pretty excited and hope this change our commuting experience.

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