Enjoy chocolicious treats and experience warmth this rainy season at Tim Hortons®

Nothing stirs up feelings of warmth and comfort or provides a pleasant start to our mornings than a good old serving of chocolate. For the month of August, Tim Hortons ® offers more chocolate goodness that will surely put anyone in a cheery mood with its limited edition “Chocolicious Donut” and “White Hot Chocolate” creations.

A satisfying addition to Tim Hortons ® line of chocolate food products, customers will get to find out why the Chocolicious Donut and the White Hot Chocolate are delightful treats for any chocolate lover. The Chocolicious Donut is a yeast filled donut dipped in white fondant with chocolate brownie filling and dark chocolate flakes. A wonderful pair to this donut is the White Hot Chocolate with its rich, smooth texture, this chocolate drink has the perfect milky note and the right amount of sweetness topped with whipped cream. 

Indulge in other Tim Hortons ® chocolate flavored food products that will surely take you back to the warmth and comfort of home or the fond memories in the company of family and friends.  A soul-warming drink with every sip, get a pick-me-up with Tim Hortons ® Hot Chocolate or enjoy a refreshing cool down with a Frozen Hot Chocolate.

Get your fill of chocolicious treats, whether it is a Double Chocolate Fudge, a Choco-Filled Donut, a Triple Chocolate Muffin, a Choco-Chip Muffin, or a Choco-Glazed Timbits, it will go well with our cup of coffee, a sure morale booster.

With all these selections there are many reasons and many choices to delight the chocolate lover in you at Tim Hortons ®.

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