Grab Expands GrabMart Operations in Metro Manila with over 150 outlets and new categories

  • In less than two months since its launch, GrabMart has expanded its pool of merchant-partners by 9X, now with over 150 outlets in partnership with leading supermarkets, convenience stores and specialty stores in Metro Manila.
  • Grab users can now buy groceries from Ultramega, Lawson, Fisher Supermarket and Shell Select, medicines from Generika and Family Doc, fresh produce and meat products from Zagana, Meat Depot, The Market by Holly Farms, and Les Aunor Farmer’s Market, and home internet solutions from PLDT and Smart through GrabMart

Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading everyday app, today announced the expansion of GrabMart in Metro Manila, expanding its coverage to all 17 cities, and increasing its pool of merchant-partners by nine times (9X). GrabMart now has over 150 outlets in Metro Manila ranging from leading supermarkets, convenience stores, to specialty stores and smaller retailers.

Grab users can now purchase over-the-counter medicines, fresh produce and meat products, home internet solutions and more as GrabMart continues to expand its delivery service to help more Filipinos get the things that they need in a fast, more convenient and safer way.

GrabMart, which started as an on-demand grocery and essentials delivery service to support consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic, has recently partnered with supermarket brands like Ultramega and soon Fisher Supermarket, convenience stores such as Lawson, Shell Select, and, fresh produce and meat products stores including Zagana, Meat Depot, The Meat Market by Holly Farms, and Les Aunor Farmer’s Market, drugstore brands like Generika, Family Doc, as well as specialty stores including the Smart and PLDT Home Stores to expand its product offerings.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to be agile and to act quickly to support the needs of their fellowmen. By tapping on existing technologies, our extensive delivery network, and operational footprint, we were able to quickly scale GrabMart in Metro Manila to help more Filipinos purchase their essential needs,” said EJ Dela Vega, Head of GrabMart & GrabFood in the Philippines. “This is just the beginning as we will continue to double down on our expansion efforts to serve more Filipinos,” he added.

GrabMart provides consumers a convenient way to purchase a wide range of consumer goods including groceries, home essentials, health and beauty items, gifts, and much more. For merchant-partners, GrabMart offers a new channel to reach an unprecedented number of consumers now making more purchases online.

“GrabMart has changed the way consumers buy their goods online. Today, Grab users can get farm fresh produce in less than an hour, delighting not just our customers but also our farmers. Instant commerce has finally arrived in the Philippines,” said Josh Aragon, CEO of  Zagana.

Steve Sy of Great Deals E-Commerce, Inc, one of the pioneer partners, has seen tremendous increase in orders upon joining GrabMart. “Instant commerce is the new trend for e-commerce and GrabMart is a vital part in bringing this reality in the Philippines,” Sy added.

GrabMart Beta was first rolled out in Metro Manila in April 2020 starting with retail partners like Robinsons Supermarket, Great Deals E-commerce Corporation, Family Mart, Starbucks at Home, ASSI Fresh Plaza, Fetch! Naturals, Dog City, and Barcino and have expanded to cover all cities in the Metro within less than two months.

GrabMart will push deeper into the groceries market and continue to expand its assortment to serve a growing number of consumers who enjoy the convenience of on-demand delivery.

GrabMart is available in 8 countries and 50 cities across Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar and Cambodia. To access GrabMart, users can simply tap on the ‘Mart” tile within the Grab app. To learn more, visit

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