Get The ACE 43" LED TV For An Incredibly Low Price On Shopee!

Have you ever wanted to have a large LED TV at home but on a budget? That would be perfect for binge-watching online shows and movies with very high clarity and intensity. It's also perfect for gamers who wanted to immerse themselves in the game, especially if it has a lot of graphics that works bet with any gaming console. Or just wanted to watch your favorite TV shows in a wider and brighter setting, Ace TV has the perfect one for you! 

Ace Philippines may be a new brand in the market, yet they currently have a wide selection of appliances and accessories in Shopee Mall. From there you can also see various TV sizes that is perfect for any living room size. LED Screen sizes range from 55"-32" and comes with a variety of functions and available for an insanely low price.

Yes, their selections comes in very low prices like the ACE 43" Black LED TV (LED-909) which originally retails for ₱23,000 but now available on Shopee for only ₱7,759 or 66% off! That's a huge discount and a huge TV for less than ₱10K and lower! I can't imagine a LED TV available at that price point.  That is why this offer should not be missed out.

What's also amazing is the slim design and functions that this TV can offer. Aside from the normal TV functions it also has LED TV Features such as USB 2.0 ready ports that can read MP4, JPEG files, and music. It also has various source connections such as VGA, HDMI, AV and Audio Output (3.5mm). With a display resolution of 1080p, it's screen size of 43" is perfect for that clear image for any media you choose.

The Ace Philippines online store on Shopee also offers accessories such as wall mount bracket perfectly compatible to the Ace LED TV you would choose. With those big savings you can also consider purchasing other items in the store to make your home full of functional yet affordable appliances.

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