5 ways to get hired during pandemic

Millions of Filipinos have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic which means the competition for getting the job is much tougher as more candidates now eye for a single position. 

The situation has led to the rapid increase of the demand for alternative sources of income as the quarantine limits job opportunities on ground. There are 30 million job searches on Google as of April 2020. Furthermore, leading online job portal JobStreet.com says there has been search growth for freelance jobs (+709%), work from home (+514%), and part time jobs (+53%).

Although you may be vying for a position with other hundreds of candidates in an online job post, you may increase your chances of getting hired with these tips from JobStreet. 

Revamp your profile

Note that you are in stiff competition with other job seekers and one of the ways to stand out is to have an impressive profile. Update your employment history, key skills, contact details, and picture. Doing so will highlight your career goals and development areas which can pique the interest of hirers.  

Target industries that are hiring

COVID-19 might have massively affected businesses but there are industries that are still operational and continuously hiring. Industries like BPO, online teaching, banking, and computer or information technology are some of the areas where you can submit your application online. Applying for companies that are urgently hiring may help you land a job faster.   

Inform employers you are up for job offers

Online job portals commonly have the options to let employers know that you are accepting job offers, so make sure you maximize this feature. However, if you are urgently looking for opportunities, Jobstreet.com has recently enabled #WorkNow feature in their platform that lets ready-to-work candidates inform employers that they are up for immediate hiring. That way, companies can easily identify which candidates are available for urgent employment. 
To use this function, jobseekers only need to log in their JobStreet profile, edit ‘Additional Info’, go to ‘Other Information’ and type in #WorkNow then click ‘Save’.
Stay connected 

Regularly check your emails and mobile phone after you have submitted your application. You may miss a great opportunity by not responding to calls or emails, and hirers may consider other available candidates. Make sure your notifications and sounds are on! 
Prepare for your interview 

Being invited for an online job interview may not guarantee that you have secured the position, but let it be your best shot to convince hirers why they must pick you amongst all the candidates. During conference calls, make sure you look presentable and have good internet connection. Most importantly, ace your interview by preparing answers for questions they might ask.   

There is stiff competition as people thrive to search for source of income during these trying times, but do not lose hope. A little confidence and preparation can help you find the right job for you. 

To learn more about available opportunities, visit jobstreet.com.ph.

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