Will Wilbert Tolentino Be The Next Willie Revillame?

Many are now saying that the former Mr. Gay World titlist, businessman, social media infuencer, and philanthropist Wilbert Tolentino is following the footsteps of TV host Willie Reviliame. Following what Willie does generously, he also gives out a lot  of prizes on every  episode of his vlog. 

Now known as Kuya Wil II (the second), he always gives out prizes to his loyal subscribers with fun and gamen he calls this Kafreshness CodeBination Giveways. In this giveaway, there are 20 winners of P500 GCash and two winners of an OPPO A15. To be part of this, you can check out the mechanics and follow him on his Instagram at sirwil75.

Recently he also did a collaboration with the viral online seller Madam Inutz  (Daisy Lopez) in the Wilbert Tolentino Vlogs which now has 1.4 M subscribers. 

Madam Inutz was featured before in KMJS (Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho) and also had collaborated with many celebrities such as Pokwang, Ethel Booba and Donita Nose.

Kuya Wil II recently surprised her by giving her P200,000. The P100K is for Madam Inutz and the other P100K is for her mother who is currently under medication. The views of their video reached up to 1.6 Million views and counting.

And that does not stop there, just this Wednesday Kuya Wil II uploaded a shopping challenge to Madam Inutz at Herlene Hipon. The shopping frenzy totaled up to P107,231 on Herlene Hipon.

She said that she will share here blessings that she received from Kuya Wil II to her relatives and the needy. She believes that for very blessing she would get it would be best to share it to others so that more blessings can come.

Meanwhile Madam Inutz's total in the shopping challenge reached up to P342,173. She said that she will sell it online so it can be used for the raising the funds for her mother's medication.

People are now saying that Wilbert would be suitable manager for Madam Inutz now that she will be part of the Star Image Management. He can assure that Madam Inutz will be in good hands under his wing. Plus with the trust gained with their relationship and his connections, there wouldn't be problems in terms of finances knowing how generous of Kuya Will II is. And finally, being both strong willed also keeps them away from controversy which many talents should follow.

More interesting things can happen with their fun and meaningful relationship, and let's see what will happen next.

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