Halik Ni Gringo returns with pandemic-themed rock anthem “HOME ALONE”

Alt-metal band Halik Ni Gringo unveils “HOME ALONE,” its latest release since 2021's “Injustice For All.” 

“HOME ALONE” explores themes of social deprivation and paranoia during the pandemic as the world faces another surge in COVID infections brought about by the latest Omicron variant. 

"It's 2022 but it still feels like 2020," says frontman Joey Santos. "We've made huge strides as regards medicine and treating COVID, but progress in The Philippines continues to lag behind our Asian neighbors. The lyrics came quick - I felt like they've been swimming in my head the whole time under lockdown. All I needed to do was fish them out and put pen to paper." 

The track is a taste of the group's upcoming 2022 full-length album under floppydisks which includes previous singles Injustice “For All” and “Mr Big Data.” As with past releases, the LP is still a part of the group's ongoing #2stDebutAlbum effort - now on its 5th year, having started back in 2017. 

“Home Alone” is produced by DJ Joey Santos, and was written and arranged by Joaquin Acosta and DJ Joey Santos. It's mixed and mastered by DJ Joey Santos at Love One Another Sound Production. 

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Instagram: http://instagram.com/haliknigringo

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