Mikael Daez Brings World-Record Facts With "The Best Ka"

From his food adventures in "Midnight Express" and the various shows that he had with GMA Network, Mikael Daez is back with a new show The Best Ka (featuring Guinness World Records "Best of the Best"). Known for his energy and charm in hosting, Mikael will be sharing stories of world records that defy the odds and made history made by people and also showing their challenges, struggles and their triumph.

Now part of the growing number shows that are dedicated for information, "The Best Ka" is also a partnership with the Guinness Book of World Records which has a thorough process when conducting record attempts.  The first episode will also feature a special co-host, his wife Megan Young.

Mikael also said that there is also a lot that can be done with the show. There is also potential for the show to guest Filipino world record holders, unknown records that the Philippines have, and more. He is also interested if there can also be a world-record attempt that they can also do. There is also no shortage of records as many attempts are done all over the world even during the pandemic.

This is also Mikael's comeback to TV since his last drama series "Love of My Life" and also his first infotainment show with him as the main host.

"The Best Ka" airs on Sunday, starting February 20, 3:50PM on GMA Network

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