Shoti makes Cebu proud with viral smash “LDR” topping streaming charts in Southeast Asia

“LDR” is accompanied by a music video showing the young singer-songwriter/producer and his friends having fun and enjoying the moment 

Filipino singer/producer Shoti is making waves with his crossover hit “LDR” topping various streaming charts in Southeast Asia. The sped-up version of “LDR” alone has been holding its ground in key markets within the region, peaking at Spotify Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia at No. 13, 49, 61, and 147, respectively.

The laid-back tune recently went viral thanks to its sped-up version, which inspired countless dance covers on TikTok and provided a soundtrack to a new generation of listeners who are caught up with the relatability of the lyrics.

With the song delivered in English and Cebuano lyrics, Shoti continues the tradition of asserting cultural and geographical identity to mainstream music, while remaining current and true to his vision as an artist. This prompted Sony Music Entertainment to sign him as one of their new artists on their esteemed roster, and eventually co-release what could be one of the biggest local pop/hip-hop songs in recent memory.

“The Sony Music Entertainment family treats me not like a business partner but as a member of the family,” shares the 16-year-old bedroom pop sensation. “They’ve been guiding me in terms of putting my music out there and reaching as many people as I could. If we have problems, they make sure to work on them ASAP.”

Shoti’s latest single, “LDR” is accompanied by a music video helmed by Anthony Hejie Suralta. Released yesterday on YouTube, the visuals showed the young artist and his friends in a happy, carefree state, giving out roses to random girls as a form of appreciation. Shoti reveals that the concept behind it was impromptu and casual, with his friends cherishing a cheerful moment together. 

“I told our music director that I wanted something candid, just me and my friends laughing,” the Cebu-based artist adds. “It was super easy working with them because they are my family friends.”

In just one day after release, the music video for “LDR” debuted inside the top 20 of YouTube’s Trending For Music chart and is currently gaining traction at a rapid pace. 

Shoti’s “LDR” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment. Watch the music video here.

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