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Misa De Gallo Diaries Now on its 3rd Year!

Christmas beyond the celebration and parties is also a time to reflect and pray with a lot to thank God for the year. It has been the most challenging and blessed year for me and would always look forward to do the MISA DE GALLO DIARIES now on its 3rd year!  This has been the most  tiring yet fun and reflective blog post series in MTL. 

I will do more planning this year to avoid problems in locations and also transportation. Now with a limited budget will be a challenge for me. I hope to encounter friends and family to join me in what I consider my thanksgiving post for the year. If you have suggestion on what churches should I go to I would definitely consider. Or better yet join me in this journey so you will also be part of my personal project.

By the way, since I'm getting addicted to video blogging, I would definitely try to have it as a new feature this year. Just a few more days left so stay tuned!

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