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Will Darna Fall into Borgo's Trap

Backed by his newly formed soldiers who have superpowers to cause great harm, Heneral Borgo (Richard Quan) has made his biggest move yet to finally seize the mystical white stone from Narda/ Darna (Jane De Leon) in the hit primetime series “Mars Ravelo’s Darna.”

Among the supervillains are Noah (Paolo Gumabao), Andre (Young JV), Mayor Zaldy (Simon Ibarra), Maisha (Dawn Chang), Sigfried (Joshua Colet), Arthur Pineda (Eric Fructuoso), Ishna (Kim Rodriguez), and (Ali) Mark Manicad.

Noah can now manipulate fire, Andre has explosive powers, Mayor Zaldy has superhuman strength, Maisha can make people involuntarily move and mimic her, Pineda can control inanimate objects, and Sigfried can create a force field as a shield.  Ishna, the longtime assistant of Borgo, is a shapeshifter, while Ali has yet to transform and demonstrate his superpowers.

REEL DEAL: This Time I'll Be Sweeter REVIEW

It was meant to be that Ken Chan and Barbie Forteza will explore beyond their successful TV series and bring their loveteam to a new heights by starring in their own movie.  The "KenBie" loveteam brings Barbie and Ken of Pinoy showbiz in a new Regal Entertainment Film, This Time I'll Be Sweeter.

Their love team brought their fans together and made them very lovable and even trending in social media. This is also brings a lot of young stars like Jai, Thea, Kim, and Hiro. It was also a first film for most of them and gives the debut movie break for KenBie.

As a promising love team for the Kapuso network, they made waves a Billie and Yuan, now they represent a more mature version of themselves as Tristan and Erika and go beyond the teen roles and eventually grew up into young adults.

There are also a number of veteran actors for this movie like Yayo Aguila, Niel Ryan Sese, Ray Abellana and Ara Mina which guides the young actors playing as their friends and family. As the title suggest, it will be a story of heartbreak and reconciliation, and how thing can go from OK to really bad. The question would still be is the choice to loving or the risk of getting hurt all over again.

Ken Chan Stages "My Destiny" Concert at Zirkoh

We loved him as Destiny Rose, a transgender who proved her worth in society, and also in Real Florido's "1st Ko Si 3rd" as the young Freddie Webb in the Cinemalaya film favorite. Now Ken Chan ventures into performing limelight as he stages his concert happening on August 19 at Zirkoh Tomas Morato.

Called MY DESTINY: KEN CHAN LIVE IN CONCERT will feature Ken as a performing artist and to showcase his talent in singing which is his impressive talent along with his acting. We do remember that he had his first album under PolyEast records and reveals that he will be working on a new album soon.

The concert will also be a reunion with his co-actors in Destiny Rose like  Jeric Gonzales and Fabio Ide, along with comedians Divine and Tammy Brown and good friend singer-actor RJ Agustin, and 80s icon and fellow Kapuso Manilyn Reynes. The concert also brings in Real Florido (Cinemalaya's 1st Ko Si 3rd) who will be directing the concert.