EmO TaLeS!

I was just wondering
when this subculture emerged
that is an oxymonron in the making
but today's biggest trend

mistakenly identified
as goth, trashers and punk
Yeah, they for love black
but, they aren't the only ones

Emo... this perfectly fits it
Emotion is the key
personality is the attitude
regrets is it fuel

Man evolves
Emo revolves
we think of others rarely
they think of themselves deeply

They come in forms
yet looks like in uniform
all are in the same mood
to be lonely, but still be good

Yes they do cry a lot
even with reasons far too simple to bear
yes they also smile
but each has a subliminal lonliness

They write letters
Post Pictures
Like us... yet there is a difference
and it is very contagous

Suicide, always on their suggestions
Self-Infliction, an act of purging
Mourning, a ritual of renewal
Sobbing, the first requirement

Some appreciate them
Some depreciate them
Some hate them very much
Some love them very much

I could say I'm not one
I would say that they are not bad
I've sholdn't be wasting my time with this
but I can say I'm interested.

Emo or Not
That is the question...
But when you see them
they provide the solutions

Go forth, Spead your love, but please not the virus

You are an Emo?
make one deal

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