SM Cyberzone TechnoLife Affair

Technology, Cosplay, Gadgets and all in between that is happening at the SM Megamall

Activity Center for the technolife affair. The three day event that features the latest

gadgets and technology. The event happened on March 24-26, 2011. The first two days

introduced the latest technology on day one and day two featured the experts in Yahoo and

Microsoft to harness the power of social networking.

The third day was the main event which features Cosplay acts and celebrities like sisters

Alodia and Ashley Goshiengfiao. Which drew a lot of attention from the mall goers. Alodia

also displayed some of her costumes that she wore and in which some won different awards.

It's my type of event since I do love blogging, technology and especially Cosplay.


Aside from cosplay and blogs, there was also a seminar for photography and making money

using the internet by Jomar Hillario. These gave beginners and ideas that they can use in

taking pictures and going online in the future.

I also passed the booths around the venue. One of them was for Microsoft which features

their windows 7 phones like HTC, and they also exhibited computers that uses the new

Internet Explorer 9. And the juicy part is after you try them you can get a prize on their

pachinko. I got a I love windows 7 pin! Something to add to my pin collection!

Azrael Coladila also gave a talk about blogging 101. He shared his experiences, how he

started and gave a lot of tips about blogging. Bloggers were also present to cover the

event. There is also a blogging contest after the talk and the winner can take home an
HTC phone! Ayeeeee!

To get to know about technology and upcoming event visit SM cyberzone's facebook page!
What a fun day to celebrate earth hour!

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